Sport and recreation in the United States

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2 Contents: Introduction 3 SPORT AND ITS DEVELOPMENT IN THE USA 4 Historical background, names of national sports, borrowed games 4 Problems and prospects of American sport 6 THE VARIETY OF AMERICAN SPORTS 9 Professional sport 9 The business of sport 9 Major sports 10 Baseball and business 10 Basketball 12 Football: an American spectacle 13 Bowling 15 Problems in professional sport 16 Olympic Games and the names of American heroes 17 Leisure sports 17 Badminton 17 Bowling 20 Sports for the disabled 21 Women in sports 22 Women and traditional sports and games 23 Women’s sport in the 19th century 24 Challenging gendered boundaries 25 The age of modern sports 26 RECREATION IN THE USA 29 Sports at colleges 30 College and sport 30 Sport and money 31 Women's Collegiate Sport 32

Intramural and club sports 32 Animals in sport 32 Unusual sports 33 Camps 33 CONCLUSION 35 LITERATURE 36 INTRODUCTION Nowadays a lot of people are getting more and more ambitious and now the always hurry somewhere, they are eager to do everything and are afraid of losing any minute that can bring them happiness, joy, glory or just money. But if they want to get that all, they’d better have wonderful mood all the time, perfect health, steel nerves and strong will. At present sport is the very thing that can help any person either keep fit or reach all his aims. In my course paper I’m going to investigate almost all kinds of sport that can be popular famous in the USA, both professional and amateur ones. There probably are countries where the people are as crazy about sports as

they are in America, but I doubt that there is any place where the meaning and design of the country is so evident in its games. In many odd ways, America is its sports. The free market is an analog of on-the-field competition, apparently wild and woolly yet contained by rules, dependent on the individual's initiative within a corporate (team) structure, at once open and governed. Sport plays a major role in American society as it accounts for the most popular form of recreation. Many Americans are involved in sports - either as a participant or as a spectator. Amateur sports distinguish between recreational and competitive sports. Favorite recreational activities include hiking, walking, boating, hunting, and fishing. All of these are liked for the recreational value as well as

for exercise. But there are also many other sports activities in America which attract millions of participants for personal enjoyment, the love of competition and for the benefits of fitness and health. In addition, sport teaches social values like teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and persistence that are highly regarded in U.S. society. So the main tasks of my course paper are to learn how sport influences on health and culture of the Americans, to find out all problems and prosperities of American sport and to figure out how many people of various classes, ages, nationalities and races, which live in the USA, are involved in playing games. The first chapter of this course paper contains the information that shows us the stages of gradual development of American sport,

beginning from Puritans’ times till our days. Different kinds of problems and prosperities that very often can appear in sport are also discussed here. In the second chapter any can find the information about great variety of sports that are played and watched on TV through the whole USA. Here I also give some data about participating women and the disabled in contests and competitions. The third chapter tells us about sport as about the main sourse for recreation. So the whole course paper is dedicated to the sport in the USA, its development and influence on American life. SPORT AND ITS DEVELOPMENT IN THE USA Historical background, names of national sports, borrowed games Whatever else sports may mean or be, their present-day prosperity represents a repudiation of the