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CONTENT Abstract Introduction Literature Review Methodology Results Conclusion and Recommendations Bibliography Appendix ABSTRACT This report will illustrates the reader with analysis and research done emphasized on the question of why Uzbek people like shopping for foods-products in supermarkets whereas Europeans prefer to shop in bazaars. In this report, the research group identifies the objectives and then research instrument is chosen in order to obtain the reliable data and clearly answer for the stated question. There were chosen deductive approach in order to conduct the research, and survey strategy was chosen to obtain the necessary data. Also, convenience sampling method for questionnaires is used and the sample size was decided to be 50 respondents. The result of

the research illustrates that people in Uzbekistan purchase food in supermarkets, because it is considered that supermarkets offers high quality products and additionally other factors like the quality of variety of services offered by them impacts on their choice. While in Europe, according to secondary research, the reason of popularity of bazaars is affected by factors such as freshness of the food, cheaper prices compared to supermarkets and peoples perception to bazaars as exotic place to shop. It is very important to determine the changes of people’s behavior to shop in different countries for people who is willing to find the proper channel of distribution for their products in different regions. INTRODUCTION Research Question The research conducted by various

researchers demonstrated the tendency towards high popularity of bazaars in European countries and developing industry of supermarkets in Asian, and Uzbek region in particular regarding food markets. However, it did not clarify the reason why people in Uzbekistan are making a habit of buying imported fruits and vegetables in closed areas with special safety conditions while Europeans do opposite. Goal of this project is to investigate whether Uzbek consumers are consistent to their traditional way of shopping in bazaars or willing to explore the “new ways” of shopping in supermarkets. Moreover, it is essential to identify the factors influencing consumers’ choice between supermarkets and bazaars as well as to find out the significance of both in the consumers’ lives. So,

the research question of this project is why Uzbek people like shopping for foods-products in supermarkets whereas Europeans prefer to shop in bazaars. Research Objectives In order to answer the questions above, the following research objectives were set: To identify demographic characteristics of consumers shopping in supermarkets To determine the factors influencing consumer’s way of shopping and the level of their satisfaction (prices, quality, services offered, etc in supermarkets and bazaars) To analyze the frequency of shopping in supermarkets and try to explore the seasonal effect on it To identify the factors providing high popularity of bazaars in European countries. LITERATURE REVIEW One of the most used retail outlets, nowadays known as supermarkets, was firstly

originated in US with the main aim to provide high quality products in large assortment (Vasilyeva, 2003). In recent years supermarkets are becoming fast growing in developing countries such as Turkey, China, Turkmenistan (Sirtioglu, 2004, Gale, 2005, Zharan, 2005). However, rapid development of supermarkets greatly affects the traditional retail concepts known as Bazaars (markets). They were emerged as a result of caravan trade of ancient times, particularly Great Silk Road (Vasilyeva, 2003). Traditionally the main items of commerce in both bazaars and supermarkets are consumer goods and foods in particular. In recent years different types of bazaars were opened throughout the Europe, for example Italian bazaar recently started its operations (Atlantic, 2007). As Kummer (2007)