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adore today are the perfect works of art. Many contemporary artists continue to enrich the Cathedral. a lot of important events were celebrated at the Cathedral: the Golden Jubilees of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, famous priests of the past and present preached here. The Cathedral is also the burial place of many important and influential political and marital figures. They are commem­orated with beautiful monuments. Although the Cathedral is full of treasures it is not a museum. St. Paul is a living place of worship. The services take place daily, so we will be allowed to enter the Cathedral only when the sermon is over. And don’t forget to turn off your camera and a mobile phone. Tourists are not allowed to use them when at the Cathedral. The Cathedral is

enormous .And we shall see the most exciting places of it. First the Nave — the central part of the Cathedral where there is the altar and the imposing memorial to Wellington, it is the largest memorial in the Cathedral, it commemorates the fa­mous British officer. Wellington is depicted riding his horse on the top of the monument. It is so big and fantastic. Several architect worked on it for more than 20 years. If we go down the Nave we can view the statues of famous priests of the past, some of these statues are very old, and mosaics that show the symbols of the Christianity. The staircase takes us up to the Dome — this part of the Cathedral is also often referred to as "The Galleries". Perhaps you have heard about the Whispering Gallery. It is called this

because someone whispers close to the wall on one side, a person with an ear close to the wall on the other side can hear what is said. it is 259 steps up. There is not only one gallery in the Dome. 378 steps up is the Stone Gallery and if you climb 530 steps you will get to the Golden Gallery which offers panoramic view across London. Now we are going to the Crypt. The Crypt is the basement of the Cathedral. Many important persons and national heroes are commemorated here: you will see the monuments to the army officers Nelson and Wel­lington, Lawrence of Arabia, the prime minister of the UK – Winston Churchil and Florence Nightingale – the woman who founded the first nursing school in England. There is also the memorial to William Turner, one of the greatest painters of

the 19th century. I must say that Christopher Wren, the architect who designed the Cathedral, is also buried here. We will stop at his grave. It is very Simple. There is no monument but the plate on the gravestone says: “If you look for a monument, just look around”. The whole Cathedral is a true memorial to this talented architect. Our excursion has come to the end. Thank you. If you have questios, you may ask them.