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There’re a great many of these publications, and manufacturers fill them with advertising addressed to retailers. The messages to the retailer are very different from those addressed to the consumers. In trade advertising, the manufacturer tells the retailer what he can do for him in terms of the marketing mix – new, attractive products, money – making volume, and profit spreads, ingenious distribution plans, and exciting promotional programs. Retail Advertising You see and hear retail advertising every day. Without it, most newspapers and radio stations would not be able to exist. And our television station might find itself somewhat pressed. In most cities of any size, department store advertising represents an important source of income for newspapers. Promotional Retail

Advertising At Christmas, at back – to – school time, and at many other times during the year, we can see a special kind of retail advertising. This is advertising that does not directly advertise the products, but advertises the promotion of a product or group of products. If a famous author is going to sign autographs at the book store, or if a chef is going to give omelet cooking lessons in the kitchen – wares section of the department store, every effort must be made to let as many people as possible know about the event. Often store promotions are sponsored by manufacturers. A cosmetic manufacturer may make a ‘beauty consultant’ available. A manufacturer of women’s sports car may provide a traveling fashion show. If so, the supplier often pays for all or part of

the promotion. Industrial Advertising   Industrial advertising is simply advertising directed to a customer who happens to be an industry. Most people are not particularly conscious of industrial advertising because they have little occasion to see the publications in which it appears. But there’s hardly an industry we might think of – from steel to coal, or from perfume to fishing – that doesn’t have its own ‘trade book’ devoted to the interests of the industry. Some of the businesses that advertise in a publication directed to the fishing industry are: boat builders, rope makers, engine manufacturers, makers of depth – sounding equipment, marine hardware manufacturers, paint manufacturers, and publishers of nautical charts and books. Trade Association

Advertising   If you work for a manufacturer, the chances are very good that your company pays annual dues, is devoted to your broad industry wide interests. This kind of advertising, which encourages the consumption or use of cotton, leather, bananas, or mild, is known to marketing people as ‘primary advertising’. It’s differentiated from ‘selective advertising’ that promotes a particular brand of cotton, leather, and so on. National Consumer Advertising National consumer advertising is the kind that makes up the bulk of the advertising you read in your magazines and see on TV. For the most part it is product advertising by the manufacturer, appealing directly to the person who will make the purchase at the store. The People Who Make Advertising   It can make

us be surprised to know how many people in our hometown are concerned with the making and running of advertising. Not knowing who can do what, and for how much, can turn out to be expansive. The day may not be far off when you will be given the responsibility for producing a booklet for your company or getting a 30 – second television commercial made. It is important to know the services that are available to you in your area, and to be acquainted with their individual capabilities. Marketing Services The principle of the advertising agency should and probably will have a good grasp of marketing theory. This person will undoubtedly have a good knowledge of the marketing situation in the community and in the region he is working in. He should be able to sit down with the sales

manager and to work out a sensible marketing plan for the product he will advertise. He should know the demographics of the region, and the tastes and background of its people. Copy The advertising agency should be able to provide the company with headlines and body text that are attractive, interesting, and hard selling. Art   Attractive, clean, well – designed layouts should be presented to the company for each ad the agency makes. In addition, the advertising agency should have the capability of purchasing photographs, drawings, and other art work for the company. Media   The company is going to need expert advice on the amount of advertising the company will run, and where to run it. The advertising agency should know media (all the vehicles by which advertising