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very interesting job. Besides, this profession is highlypaid and I want to be able to buy everything I want with my salary. What’s more, the perks of this job include free travel and living abroad. But this job requires you to be tactful and to stay calm under pressure. I can say that I’m very communicative and I like working with people. Besides, I’m very organized and hard-working. What’s more, I like travelling and I’m ready to go where the company will send me. So I think I can become a good tourist agent or a tourist manager. I understand that to make a good specialist in this field, I should have good education, extensive knowledge of the world and experience of travel. And, of course, I must know several foreign languages. So after finishing school I will try to

enter a university or a college and to continue education. Приложение 2 We have conducted a composition competition at our school on the topic of our project and here is one of the most interesting stories. My Future Profession I am in the 8th form now. And I will have to choose my future profession very soon. But I have not decided yet what I want to become. It was rather easy to solve this problem in old times. Centuries ago there were only few jobs: people were farmers, bakers, butchers or carpenters. Today there are thousands of different kinds of jobs, and new ones are constantly appearing. They are a doctor, dentist, surgeon, pharmacist, nurse, vet, chemist, teacher, musician, singer, dancer, actor or actress, architect, designer, model and stuff like that. So it

is very difficult to choose a future profession. When I was only eight I wanted to become a Hollywood film star. And I believed that I could. But now I want to become an interpreter because I like speaking English, meeting new people and travelling a lot. This job is very attractive for me because it is interesting, pleasant, exciting, creative and prestigious though it is very challenging. As for me this profession is not very popular as it is exhausting, tiring and it is very difficult to become a good professional interpreter. But I am not afraid of difficulties and I hope I will cope with them. Besides this job offers financial reward, different bonuses and good job opportunities. I think that having such a profession I won’t have to find any odd jobs. My mother agrees me

that this profession is very attractive and it suits me very much. But my father has his especial opinion about me. He would like me to become the main musical editor on the musical channel on TV. I don’t know why he wants it. Maybe because of his ambitions, my personal qualities or talent or maybe because of some pop-stars’ examples. As for my grandmother she wants me to become a singer. She is keen on my «beautiful voice» and considers that I should continue singing. But it requires hard work, trains, constant practice and takes a lot of time. Of course I would like to become a singer, especially a famous singer, but I think that it is very difficult. Well, choosing a future profession we should consider different factors such as our interests, our talent, our personal

qualities, our parents’ ambitions, our bent for this profession and of course, money, one of the main factors which will play a very important role in our future life. On the other hand, it is good when you get a satisfaction from your job. It is very important to choose a profession that suits your interests and character. Parents and friends play a very important role in our choice. So I have not decided yet what to study. But I still have time to think and to choose. Приложение 3 Have you decided what job you are going to have as your future career? Students Приложение 4 At what age could you make your choice? Age Приложение 5 The most popular occupations of our pupils: Приложение 6 Who can help you make a choice? Приложение

7 What criteria helps you to make the right choice in your future career? Приложение 8 What helps you to be a good specialist in life? Приложение 9 A lot of teenagers begin to work in the juvenile age. And the most popular jobs among the teenagers are: 19