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one earns, the higher the level of social responsibility one has to accept. If there is any room for disappointment, let it take place before and not after getting the education. A psychologist can help you to discover your child's abilities and chief work type at an early stage. You ought to know what suits your child best: manual labor or intellectual. It is better if a specialist knows not only Russian methods of determining professional fitness, but also foreign ones, as the tradition of using them abroad is much older. As a result of testing, parents will be given a list of professional fields where their child can work most successfully in the future. And teenagers do something for their future jobs too. For example, they do summer jobs. Summer job is a tradition among

students of British schools and universities. Long before the end of the school year, students, students begin the search for jobs during vacation (June, July and August). Students send letters to businesses, and talk to employers about job opportunities during the summer. Reasons for wanting a summer job vary from student to student. Some teenagers do summer work to help pay their school expenses; others work to gain experience in their chosen professions; still others work just for the fun of it. Paperboy, typist, construction worker, baby-sitter, waiter or waitress – these are some of the more common jobs that students seek during the summer months. Magazines for teenagers often offer questionnaires, quizzes or surveys to help young people to see their interests and

abilities more clearly and to make a decision concerning their future occupation. There is a great variety of professions nowadays, they are very different from each other, so everyone can choose a profession to his own taste. Careers do not just happen. People train for them. How much training is needed depends on the kind of career chosen. Some jobs take only a few months of training, others take several years. Certain careers need college or university graduation. A knowledge of foreign languages and foreign cultures is growing in importance nowadays. I think, in modern world in order to succeed, you must be a highly-qualified professional in your occupation. Conclusion The professional orientation and the teenagers employment are two interrelated problems. The right

professional guidance of children and teenagers is often the key to successful work throughout the life. We have conducted a survey in a group of pupils of 1421. A survey has confirmed the ideas, that by the end of the school 93% of respondents start thinking about their future profession. 80% think about the future profession seriously, and correctly assess the level of the desired incomes and the requirements of the future profession. The seriousness of thinking about a future profession confirms that their choices of wages and skills, relate to the medium level in the developed countries. The results are useful for students, parents and teachers. Приложение 1 Some of our school leavers have already decided what careers they are going to choose. We present their

opinion on the future professions. What do you need to become a successful manager? A manager is a person who directly supervises people in an organization. Managers spend a great deal of time communicating, coordinating and making decisions affecting the daily operation of their organization. Almost everything a manager does involves decisions, and in decision-making there is always uncertainly and risk. So the profession of manager is a very interesting job that involves working with people, but it is difficult too. But to work as a manager you need to be creative, flexible and possess initiative. If you cope with all the challenges of this job, you can be promoted to the position of a director. This job is very responsible. You must be a leader and have administrative skills.

Marketing deals with market research and commercial activity in general. It involves analysing business situations, evaluating market opportunity, developing market strategies and controlling their implementation. It is important for a specialist in marketing to be flexible and prepared to make adjustments where necessary, as it is unlikely that any marketing plan will succeed exactly as planned. Profession of tourist agent I would like to become a tourist agent or a holiday representative, because a lot of people travel nowadays. Today tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. You will have to deal with the problems and needs of holiday makers, but you’ll also have to know the area you are working in and plan trips and tours that will please everyone. I think it is a