Приемы и методы эффективного обучения различным видам чтения — страница 15

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                                 Приложение  2 Прием cloze при обучении  чтению с полным пониманием содержания     Text 1                                          The Cat Our cats were first tamed in Egypt. There ___ many kinds of cats: white cats, black cats, ___ cats, red cats$ cats with long tails, cats ___ bushy tails, cats

with no tails at all. ___ are clean and pretty. They are very wise, ___ can find their way anywhere. You can make ___ friends with cats, but they are not so ___ as dogs. They are more shy and independent. ___ cat has a nice coat. It is made ___ fur, and the fur is very thick and ___. The cat’s feet have sharp claws. It can ___ them in, then its paws are soft. The ___ eyes are green and yellow. It can see ___ the dark and in the light. The light ___ the day is too strong for its eyes, ___it often shuts them. But at night, when ___ is only a little light, it opens its ___ very wide. When the cat is happy, it ___. It says, “Purr, purr.” 1)Write the suitable word in each gap. Key: are, grey, with, cats, and, great, loving, the, of, warm, pull, cat’s, in, of, and, there, eyes,

sings. (if students use a word different from what the key is giving, but suitable for the context, it shouldn’t be considered a mistake.)                                 Приложение  3 Прием categorizing при обучении ознакомительному чтению Text 1 1.Ransom      Stars: Mel Gibson, Rene Russo, Gary Sinise, Lili Taylor      Director: Ron Howard      Gibson plays millionare airline whose perfect family life is hijacked when kidnappers snatch his son and demand $2 mln ransom. He agrees to pay, but

when the drop goes wrong, Mullen appears on TV to offer the money as a bounty on their heads – dead or alive.     Despite the fact that his distraught wife (Russo), the FBI and the public moral majority improve him to reverse his decision, so Mullen stands firm, believing that it is the only way to save his son’s life. As the stakes rise, on the other side of the fence, Mullen’s powerful frustration is mirrored by cop-turned kidnapper Jimmy Shaker (Sinise), who can only watch hopelessly as his perfect crime crumbles before his eyes. (1997)*** 2.Daylight        Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Amy Brenneman        Director: Rob Cohen        A gigantic

explosion rips through the commuter tunnel that acts umbilical cord between New Jersey and Manhattan, sealing both ends. There seems little hope for the handful of survivors trapped under the Hudson River, especially when water begins to gush in by the gallon. Only ex-Emergency Medical Chief Kit Latura (Stallone) can save the day,  and perhaps even exorcise a few past ghosts in the process. (1998)***          3.Overboard         Stars: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russel        Director: Garry Marshall         A spoil heiress (Goldie Hawn) loses her memory when she falls of her luxury yacht. When she wakes up in hospital, a

carpenter (Kurt Russel) who she has cheated claims her as his wife and takes her home to look after his unruly brood of children. (1987)****        Movie Rating: ***** Brilliant, **** Very Good, *** Worth Watching,         ** Fair, * Bad. 1)Read the brief descriptions of the films which are above. Define to what genre each film belongs. Key: thriller disaster movie comedy Ransom Daylight Overboard Text 2 1)Read the extracts from very famous books  which are below.  Define to what book  each extract belongs and what genre it is. 1."The prince began to take off his fine clothes, and Tom took off his old clothes and put on the clothes of the prince. Tom looked at the prince as he stood there