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from generation to generation for each person mum – the most important person in a life. Becoming mother, the woman opens in itself better qualities: kindness, love and care. The new holiday – «Day of Mother» - gradually gets accustomed in Russia. Based by the President of the Russian Federation on January, 30th, 1998, it is celebrated last Sunday November, doing justice to parent work and their disinterested victim for the sake of the blessing of children. And it is correct: how many good, kind words it has been told to mums, how many occasions for this purpose have thought up, superfluous they will not be. Among the numerous holidays marked in our country, «Day of Mother» takes a special place. It is a holiday to which nobody can remain

indifferent. This day it would be desirable to tell gratitude words to all Mothers who give to children love, good, tenderness and caress. Thanks you!. And let to each of you tell warm words your favourite children more! Let on their persons the smile and joyful sparkles is shone sparkle in eyes, when you together! The Russian mothers were distinguished always by generosity of soul, fidelity, self-sacrifice, love and great patience. And today they carefully store the family centre, learn children to good, mutual understanding, morals. Day of mother answers the best traditions of the relation of Russians to motherhood, unites all layers of the Russian society on ideas of good and honouring of the woman-mother. Day of mother — a holiday youngish. It yet has no established

traditions, in the family circle very few people marks it. But, we hope that in due course value of this day will increase, because on sense and the maintenance it is the most sacred holiday.