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beef, farewell! ». And the pancake week previous the Lent, long since was called as "Mjasopustom" as this week it was forbidden to eat meat. Some historians consider that in the ancient time the Pancake week was связанна with day of a spring solstice, but with acceptance of Christianity it began to anticipate the Lent and to depend on its terms. On every day buttered week there were certain ceremonies. On Monday – the Pancake week meeting, on Tuesday - folk tunes. On the gourmand that is on Wednesday of buttered week the mother-in-law invited to pancakes of sons-in-law with wives. Especially this custom was observed concerning young, recently got married. For certain from here expression «to the mother-in-law on pancakes» also has gone. On wide

Thursday there were the most crowded санные driving. On Friday - mother-in-law's вечерки - sons-in-law called the mother-in-law on an entertainment. Saturday was taken away золовкиным to a sit-round gathering. Sunday was called «прощеным in the afternoon». This day all visited relatives, friends and acquaintances, exchanged kisses, bows and were sorry each other if have offended words or acts. Women's day     8 Martha On eighth of March - "the International women's day", a holiday of spring and attention to the woman. This day we do not work, and ours "fine halves" wait from us for signs on attention, colours and gifts. We rejoice to a holiday. Passes time, the sense of a holiday varies, and we sometimes wonder: what,

actually, and what for we celebrate? The beginning to the International women's day which today mark donation of gifts, colours and poetic посвящениями to women, was put not less by the celebrated personality - Clara Tsetkin. The beginning of celebrating of the International women's day in day on March, 8th has begun since 1911. For the first time the holiday to women, has been celebrated in Germany, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden. Russia has joined this list since 1913. As a result of activity of the International female organisation for protection of the rights of women, in 1985 in 88 countries of the world recognised the right of women and have stopped fair sex discrimination in the decision of political and other questions. The international women's day has been

celebrated for the first time in Russia – in Petersburg in 1913 In May, 1965 on March, 8th has been declared by a day off. In the USSR and new Russia the holiday 8 Martha was and remains to one of the most favourite. Day of laughter  Custom to have fun and deceive each other on first of April exists in many countries. "Day of laughter" or "Day дурашка" - so call this holiday and mark it in spite of the fact that it is not brought in one official calendar of significant events. In Russia, according to historians and ethnographers, celebrating on first of April - an echo of pagan rite in honour of arrival of spring. Being afraid of "old woman-winter", wishing it to banish more likely, our ancestors changed clothes in skins of animals, put on masks that she has not

learnt offenders, with songs and dancings burnt its stuffed animal and met the beauty-spring. Besides, in Russia considered that the malicious demon on first of April wakes up, and consequently it is necessary to deceive in every possible way each other to confuse him.   Well and the first case of mass draw has taken place in Moscow at the time of Peter I. In 1700 the holder of troupe of German comedians declared that during representation will get into an ordinary bottle. To the people at theatre has gathered much, and on a stage have taken out a bottle with an inscription "on First of April". Speak, for the most dull people the German has some times put a finger in a bottle to show that it has made a fool of them: see supposedly even my finger in a bottle does not climb,

and I and will not climb through for a long time. In Russia the morning April Fools' alarm sounding usually in case of a fire became ridiculous draw and having roused all Petersburgers who have soon understood that became victims of draw. Still couple of years back Russians in large quantities took a great interest in jokes, like: "At you a back white!" Or "at you laces were untied!" Some come across till now on these old kind draws. Easter Christ's Christ Voskresi! Truly Voskresi! Light Christ's Revival has come to Russia - the most important orthodox holiday. This day special and familiar to us since the childhood. We learn it on brightly painted chicken яичкам, on is tasty to the smelling Easter cakes covered with a multi-coloured crumb on white glaze and on special