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respect of the state independence and democratic bases of international cooperation. The Law "On the Right Inheritance of Ukraine", September 12, 1991 confirmed in article 6 the obligations of our state concerning international agreements, signed by Ukrainian SSR. The adduced international acts and the domestic legislation convincingly prove Ukraine's will to participate actively in UNO work directed to the protection of human rights. On the territory of Ukraine this obligation enables each person to lean for the protection of its rights and freedoms on international standards produced by UNO, and in case of refusal of government bodies to protect these rights and freedoms to address in UNO. Unfortunately such necessity exists, as on apt expression of the chairman of a

the standing Commission on Human Rights, Protection of Minorities and Refugees of Supreme Council of Ukraine Mr. Vladimir Butkevich today in our state there is a crisis of the legal system. In this case it is necessary to consider a gear of UNO activity in the field of rights of the person and to define opportunities for protection of each person. First of all it should be said, that UNO has defined a sense and has made a list of human rights which should be observed by all countries of the world and Ukraine in particular. Our country, since it has become a member of UNO, actively participates in the output of main documents, which concern human rights. Ukraine ratified and has admitted compulsory 14 of 22 major international agreements on human rights, developed by UNO. At the

Second World Conference on Human Rights in Viden in 1993 delegates from almost all the countries of the world have admitted, that the main international standards of human rights are today generated and the main task of UNO is to increase the efficiency of the gear of international protection of rights of the person. Not concretizing the sense of international standards concerning human rights, which are well investigated by Ukrainian and Russian scientists (these standards are in published texts of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948, International Pact on Economic, Political and Cultural Rights, December 16, 1966 and in some other documents), it would be necessary to note, that even the announcement of the state of emergency can not call restrictions or

abuse of the great number of human rights. According to article 4 of The International Pact on Civil and Political Rights in a case of state of the emergency when there is the heaviest threat to the human rights and freedoms there can not be abused: the right to life; prohibition of deprivation of freedom for impossibility to execute contract obligations; prohibition of providing with the force of return the criminal law; the right to recognition of the legal capacity of each person; ideological freedom, freedom of conscience and religion. THE INTERNATIONAL GEAR OF PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS Today the international gear of protection of human rights acts in frameworks of UNO. The General Assembly of UNO according to article 13 of The UNO Constitution carries out researches and

gives recommendations concerning fulfillment and respect of human rights. In order to support this UNO accepts appropriate resolutions on particular questions of protection of human rights. Though the resolutions have recommendatory character, member countries, as a rule execute these recommendations. The General Assembly also accepts and opens for ratification by countries - members conventions, which fix international standards of human rights. Economic and Social Council helps General Assembly in this activity . According to article 68 of The UNO Constitution two functional commissions were created - the Human Rights Committee with smaller Subcomission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities and the Commission on Women Status. In the already mentioned

Subcomission there is a representative of Ukraine - professor Vladimir Butkevich . The Human Rights Committee is chosen by the Economic and Social Council from 43 representatives of UNO member countries for 3 years. The representatives of Ukraine many times were chosen members of the Human Rights Committee considering their active work in the development of international agreements and other documents in the field of rights of the person. The Human Rights Committee is going annually on sessions and discusses most important questions of international protection of human rights. Besides development of projects of conventions for General Assembly of UNO, it investigates the cases of malicious and mass abuse of human rights. Only in modern conditions of development UNO and its bodies