Parallel constructions and their Translation

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THE MINISTRY OF HIGHER AND SECONDARY SPECIAL EDUCATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF UZBEKISTAN THE UZBEK STATE WORLD LANGUAGES UNIVERSITY Translation / Interpretation faculty Translation Theory and Practice Department Q U A L I F I C A T I O N P A P E R parallel constructions and their translation Done by: Bobur M. Bekmurodov Scientific advisor: Reviewer: CONTENT Chapter I. Analysis of the linguistic literature on the general problems of the syntactic stylistic devices § 1. Compositional patterns of syntactical arrangement in English § 2. Parallel constructions and their features § 3. Structural-functional features of Chiasmus. Reversed Parallel Construction § 4. Enumeration as a functional equivalent of Parallel constructions. § 5. Features of dealing with Parallel structures in

forming a text. Chapter II. Problems of translating the Parallel Constructions from English into Uzbek § 1. Equivalence in the translations of parallel construction § 2. Types of equivalents in the translation of parallel constructions § 3. Techniques of translating the English Parallel Constructions into Uzbek § 4. The basic ways of translating the Parallel Constructions from Uzbek into English Conclusion Bibliography Introduction The present graduation qualification paper deals with the study of English Parallel Constructions and their translation into Uzbek language which presents certain interest both for the theoretical investigation and for practical language use. The actuality of the investigation is explained on one hand by the profound interest to the function of the

syntactic stylistic devices like parallel constructions in the literary text and in speech on the other hand, by the absence of widely approved analysis of the Parallel Constructions and other syntactic stylistic devices from the syntactic, stylistic, structural and translational points of view. The novelty of the qualification paper is defined by concrete result of investigation: special emphasis is laid on various types of rendering the structure, the stylistic features, and the translation of syntactic stylistic devices in general and Parallel Construction in Particular. The aim of the qualification paper is to define the specific features of the Parallel Constructions in the literary text and in speech and their rendering in Uzbek. According to this general aim we have put

the following concrete tasks before the work: a)                                    To analyze the linguistic literature on the general and special problems of syntactic stylistic devices; b)                                   To analyze the compositional patterns of syntactical arrangement in English;

c)                                    To analyze the Parallel Constructions and their features; d)                                   To analyze the structural-functional features of the Reversed Parallel Constructions; e)                                    To analyze