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limit, or by elimination of all defenders. The Cross It is the special game type of the Benesov area. It is played on the field with square base where are all the barriers built symmetric to the central spot of the field. Teams are split into halves and start from opposite corners of the field, so they are in the clamping of the enemy from the beginning and they have to defend them self from two directions. Goal of the game is elimination of all enemies. The VIP Two teams are made and they start from opposite sides of the field. From one of the teams is chosen one member - the VIP, who gets the reflective vest and becomes the main target of enemy. As a VIP he has very important mission - he has to survive! And go through the field and gain its other side. Goal of his enemies is

clear - to eliminate the VIP for any price, if they succeed, they win. Napoleon This game type introduces players into war history and brings thoughts, which maybe had soldiers during napoleon wars. Two teams form the lines in 30 meters distance. From that moment all the players have to stay still and copy organizers commands. It is forbidden to duck, jump or skulk anyhow. On the command FIRE! All players shoot one paintball. All players, who are hit, are „dead" and go aside. On the command STEP FORWARD! All alive players make a step forward. The game continues until all players of one of the teams are eliminated. Death match This game is made for extra hard players with smoothly masochistic inclination. On organizers command the game starts where all players shoot on

everybody else, until they want to stop. The hit is not eliminating player out of the game, only the fear of more pain does. If player doesn't want to continue to play, he leaves the field. The last player, who leaves the field, is the winner. Scenario games Different scenarios drag into the story as movies, or videogames do. Action is managed by skilled organizers, who guide through the scenario made of several quests. Team spirit Team spirit is a special action for companies, which is focused on team cooperation and unites team of co-workers.