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Warlord or Dis Jungle Justice. Scenario paintballers do you need a paintball vest? We stock the GXG, BT, Special Ops, Rap4 and NXE Extraktion vests. The much anticipated Tippmann SL-68 II pump paintball gun is now shipping. You may preorder the new Tippmann X7 Phenom now. We are the paintball discounters. Just call 877-WWW-PNTBALL. Here is a short description af each of them. Dress of paintball An absolutely crucial part of the paintball gear, without which no player or referee is allowed to step on to the field. We offer special masks equipped with double layer thermal glass, which is very durable and absolutely resistant to paintball hits. Also the double layer prevents the lenses from fogging - even for the most active of players. The mask's body is made of monocoque plastic,

molded in a fashion to cover the cheek bones, ears and forehead. Gelatin balls of 0.68 caliber are filed with color. The color is non-toxic, non-caustic, biologically decomposable and soluble in water. Have no fear of ruining your precious clothes - they can easily be cleaned simply with warm water. We offer only top quality paintballs compatible with the paintball markers that we use. The paintball guns used by Paintballgame. Cz are all semi-automatic (one trigger pull - one shot) markers long developed by the Kingman company. We use only high pressure air as propellant as it offers better accuracy and tenderness towards paintballs than carbon dioxide. We are capable of providing alternative types of markers if specially requested. We lend camouflage overalls which are ideal for

paintball. They offer great body protection against paintball hits thanks to a tough and durable material. Plus an additional neck shield reinforcement grants very good neck protection. Off course you can bring your own clothing - good old camouflage pants or a boiler suit will do. It is important for the clothing to be made of tough fabric and you should not be afraid of getting it dirty. Paintball gloves are another advisable protective element. They are distinguished by a plastic crest with reinforced protective elements on palms and fingers. You can choose between gloves with or without fingers. It is possible to use other types of gloves as well. The vest offers extra body protection, even though most players do not use it. If you wish to borrow a vest, do not forget to

mention it in your order. Footwear Quality footwear is very important for paintball. We recommend footwear with a good grip and plenty of ankle support when playing in natural terrain, while lighter sneakers with a non-slip sole are ideal for sports ground paintball. Because of hygienic reasons, shoes are the only part of the paintball equipment that we do not offer. Rules in Paintball Paintball actions offer many types of rules, so even many hour games at our fields will be entertaining for the whole time. Our skilled organizers will adapt the game to your wishes so you will have a chance to try really everything, what are our fields offering Team death match Players are divided into two groups. The game is started at organizers command. Players are starting from their position

and they try to hit all enemies by paintball shot. The game ends by „killing" the last member of one of the teams or by the time limit expiration. This kind of game is used as a warm up for further action. Capture the flag The basic cooperation is necessary in this game type. There are two equal teams again, which start from the opposite sides of the game field. In the middle of the area, or at the strategic spot is placed a flag - capturing it is the main quest of this game. The game starts on organizers command and all players try to reach the flag as fast, as possible (or at least faster than enemy) and carry it to the starting of the opposite team. In this game type is the most important ability to adapt to the changing situation and coordination of particular team

members. The game ends by dropping the flag by the starting position, or by elimination of all enemies. Two flags game It is more difficult version of the Capture the flag game. It is not a simple and fast movement forward, it is necessary to think about defense too. Goal of the game is capturing opposite flag and carrying it back to own starting position. Offensive tactics has to count with appropriate defense of own „base". The game ends by bringing opposite flag or by elimination of all enemies. Fighting for the building Organizer chooses one third of players, who will become defenders and their goal is to hold the „fortress" during the time limit. The rest of players attack the building and try to eliminate all defenders. The game ends by expiration of the time