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tests appear successful, the unidentifiable decoys were removed from the test field. Another controversial issue about the National Missile Defense system is the cost to the American public. This will be the single most expensive project in the history of the United States, estimated to be between sixty billion and one hundred billion dollars. Assuming that some parts of nuclear warheads periodically need to be replaced due to radioactive decay, the price might go up to half a trillion dollars, depending on the exact system that the US government develops. This amount will mean more taxes from every citizen, and increase of national debt. Instead of spending this amount of money building the National Missile Defense system, the US government would be better served paying off the

national debt to its citizens. The recent attacks of September 11 weren’t nuclear; they were realized by using civilian airplanes as a weapon. These attacks claimed more than three thousands lives. Considering the unavailability of nuclear weapons at present, these kinds of attacks are more likely to occur than nuclear attacks. So instead of focusing on nuclear attacks, the US government should spend the money on security at airports, malls, or other public places. The only state that has the power to launch weapons of mass destruction against the United States is Russia. Although the Russia of today is not the same as the Soviet Union of 1984, it is still very powerful in the field of nuclear weapons. Some think that if US starts developing the Missile Defense System it might

encourage Russia to upgrade its nuclear arsenal, but it won't happen for one reason: its too expensive for Russia's current budget. Cold War brought Soviets bankruptcy and collapse, and neither Russia nor any former Soviet state would like to repeat this experiment again. Right now the building of a National Missile Defense system should not be among priorities for the government. The building of such a system however would not make the United States more secure, because instead of launching ballistic missiles terrorists target places of high civilian concentration, besides this Missile Defense project is too expensive for America and it will bring nothing else rather than huge national debt.