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But the most famous park is the Hyle Park because of its famous "Speaker's Corner" ( a corner where everyone can stands there with a microphone and tell other people whatever they want) The part of London, called Soho is known as restaurant centre where Londoners and visitors can taste Russian, Italian, Frech exotic food. This is also the district of cinema producers. All the biggest film companies have offices in Soho. The capital has more than 200 cinemas and a lot of concert halls. The East End of the capital includes the Port of London, Docks and the poorest districts. Rather unattractive in appearance it is very important to the country's commerce. The streets of London are always of great interest to tourists. Fleet Street is the street of British Press. Oxford,

Regent, Bond streets are the main shopping centres. Downing Street is famous as the official residence of the Prime Minister of the country. Piccadilly Circus is the place where people gather on New Year's Eve. The English are fond of sports, they have a great number of sport federations, associations and clubs. The most interesting tennis and football competitions and tournaments are held in Wimbledon court and Wembley stadium. The West End is the richest and the most beautiful part of London, symbol of wealth and luxury. English aristocracy lievs there. London is the chief port of the country, it has 2 airports and 16 railwaystations. London is an important manufacturing centre. It's well known for printing, film production, manufacture of clothing, food. Automobile and

aircraft industries are centred there. The oldest underground called "tube" is still one of the largest in the world. It was opened in 1863. The famous red double - deckers are also an important part of the public transport system.