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the system be upgraded from passive to interactive? How is the quality of the maps and how fast do they load? How fast does the system execute reports? Does reporting capability exist that compares actual with planned data? What kind of training and customer support is accessible? What maintenance support (hardware and software) is offered? Develop a vendor “short” list: Just because a vendor’s name is well known does not necessarily mean their product (or price) is best for your company. Take into account the total cost of the system: hardware, software licensing, installation, maintenance, upgrades and communications charges. It is not uncommon that vendors sell hardware relatively inexpensively but charge expensive (and recurring) messaging or reporting charges for their

systems. It is unwise however, to purchase a system of this kind based on price alone. The ultimate purchase decision should be based on value delivered. Once a “short” list of vendors is identified, there can be no substitute for testing the vendor’s system on your fleet in your environment. Calculate a return on investment analysis. A system that provides the right functionality should rapidly pay for itself in well under a year. In the ideal relationship, fleet operators and AVL vendors function as partners. Find a provider that is committed to working with you. The vendor should be willing to customize its reports specific to your business and make modifications to its system if necessary. Finding the best AVL vendor is not easy. A better understanding of what you need

and asking the right questions makes it easier. Companies that operate vehicles face enormous pressure to control their costs, comply with governmental regulators and to continually enhance the future performance of their fleet. AVL technology helps in so many ways it should not be overlooked. Literature http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logistics Creveld van, Martin. 1977. Supplying War: Logistics from Wallenstein to Patton. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Engels, Donald W. 2006. Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army. Berkeley: University of California Press Roth, Jonathan P. 2003. Logistics of the Roman Army at War (264 B.C. - A.D. 235). Leiden/Boston/Köln: Brill