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the idea of the word “militia” is not a military service but a municipal administration. Military aspect of law enforcement activity is dominant in the word “police”. Nowadays both words: “police” and “militia” are similar. They denote law enforcement organizations and people who work there. The most important functions of both police and militia at present are: to maintain law and order, to protect life and property of citizens, to fight crime, to apprehend criminals. There are special public organizations in the state which deal with criminal investigation. Nowadays the words: “police” and “militia” denote different structures with absolutely different goals and main functions. b) Complete the sentences

using suitable words: 1. To sum up the main idea of the text, I should say that the words “police” and “militia” have … (different, similar) origins. 2. Nowadays they have … (different, similar) meanings. 3. They denote … (military, law enforcement) organizations. 4. Their main functions are: …, …, and …. 4. Проверка домашнего задания TEACHER: Now the representatives of both teams are ready to show the results of their individual work. You know, dear collegues, about two weeks ago every cadet had got additional texts with information about history, organization, everyday work and powers of police but we agreed to listen to two reports from each team. STUDENTS present 2-3 min. reports:

History of Metropolitan Police, Duties and Powers of Police, Main Branches of British Police, Specialists in British Police. TEACHER: Now let’s see whose team was the most attentive. I show you four lists with key-words and you are to guess what report thay are taken from. STUDENTS give answers and speak about the most interesting details from the reports. 5. Актуализация лексического материала по теме и дальнейшая автоматизация лексических и грамматических навыков TEACHER: Dear students, now you are to take part in competitions of specialists. Imagine, you are different specialists in the Metropolitan Police Force. I suggest you to try the work of CID officers or

“plain-clothes men”, traffic inspectors and officers of Personnel Departments. You get special tasks with different exercises and only 10 minutes to do the exercises. It goes without saying that police officers wherever they work should be competent, professional, educated people. We hope you’ll do your best to be real professionals in future. Участники команд по жребию распределяют роли и соответствующие задания. “Восстановите диалоги, заполнив пропуски соответствующими словами и словосочетаниями” - для инспекторов безопасности дорожного движения. “Подберите

определение и составьте отчёт о происшествии” - для сотрудников уголовного розыска. “Выберите нужные качества и заполните пропуски” - для сотрудников отдела кадров. Приложение 1   Задания для «сотрудников уголовного розыска»   1. Match the words from the box with the definitions below.   1.     drug smuggling-контрабанда наркотиков;      2.     shop-lifting- кража из магазина;      3.     fraud-

подделка, мошенничество; 4.     hijacking- угон самолёта;                5.     kidnapping- похищение людей;        6.     arson- поджог; 7.     pickpocketing-карманная кража;          8.     mugging- нападение с целью ограбления;           9.     theft – воровство, кража.   a) they broke the window of his car and stole the radio; b) they sold