Лингвистический фон деловой корреспонденции (Linguistic Background of Business Correspondence) — страница 8

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that you are changing your status, we need to discuss your health insurance and retirement plans. As well, I would like to explain our company policies as they affect you and your wife. Could you drop by my office as soon as you return from your honeymoon so that we can talk? 5.     Employment: Applications, Letters of Recommendation, Giving notice When writing a letter of application, the applicant would like to say what job and conditions he or she would like to have. But a good letter of application should contain facts the prospective employer wants to know, for instance what experience the applicant has, how useful he or she will be to the company. If he has held several positions, it would be advisable for the applicant to submit a personal data sheet,

the curriculum vitae, containing full personal details and information on the past experience, education and certificates or degrees, special qualifications, and possibly references. The letter then can serve to draw the reader's attention to the candidates' suitability for the vacancy. If you are starting your career and have had one or two jobs, or none at all, all the particulars can be included in the letter itself. A contract of employment defines the conditions of work, the working hours, holidays allowed, responsibilities and notice. It may contain a job description and give information on fringe benefits such as company pension scheme, bonuses, expenses and commission where applicable. When employment is terminated by either party, notice has to be given in writing and

the set period observed. e.g. Dear Dr. James This letter is in response to your advertisement in the Financial Times on November 25, l998 for a position of secretary. I have three years experience in the field of market research. I am ready for long hours and travel required to be an effective personal secretary. My resume is attached for your resource. Sincerely, J. Kvatson (Ms) e.g. Dear Mr Douglas, I have been working for “Newborn Electronics” for 7 years and I always enjoyed and valued my job. As well I always enjoyed and valued my salary. However the total crisis in the country and the recent ruble inflation make me ask for a certain adjustment of my salary which is now 8.000 rubles. Three months ago this sum equaled to approx. 530 US dollars while today it is less the

200 US dollars. Taking into consideration the above calculations I am requesting a salary adjustment of 17.000 rubles. Thank you in advance for your prompt consideration of this matter. Sincerely Yours, F.T. Petrov e.g. Dear Mr Hampshire: Your work has been excellent. However, your absentee record is now overshadowing your work record. I realize that your health has been poor but one of our job requirements is regular attendance. We have difficulty scheduling when we cannot depend on your attendance. We have discussed this subject with you several times before. Now your attendance must meet our requirements or we will have to terminate you. Sincerely, J. Johnson Export Department 6.     Goodwill letters: Congratulations, Introductions, Condolence, Christmas

and New Year Wishes A goodwill letter, as its name implies, is not written to obtain an order, or to collect outstanding bills. It is intended to pay for itself in another way, by building up goodwill. It is difficult to measure its value, but if this could be done businessmen would probably write goodwill letters more often. They give both the reader and writer pleasure when the occasion arises to enclose a gift, to send good wishes, to express thanks or to remember an anniversary. Letters of introduction can also be a great help, both to a young person starting out n a particular field of business and to the established businessman wishing to expand his operations. Goodwill letters let customers feel that they are in tough - in good times and bad - when business friends show

sympathy, when they offer assistance, and when congratulations are due. e.g. November 30, 1997 Dear Dr. Simpson, I want to introduce you to Ms James, who worked with me at Connaught Centre for five years. She is a person of great intellect and work ability. Ms James is currently involved in a project which might be of interest to you, and he shall be contacting you soon to arrange a meeting. I am sure you will benefit if you agree to see her. Yours Sincerely,  Mr Watson Sales Manager e.g. Hunters Ranch, Paxton, Florida 32538 May 4, 1995 Dear Mr. Wembley: My wife and I are coming to Delhi for a fairy long stay, as I have business there that will keep me several months. I know you have lived in Delhi for several years, and I wonder if you would kindly give us some