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Division, Ot­tawa, Ontario, K1A OG2.) When preparing forms, pay particular attention to the method you use for stating weights and measures and money values. The preferred method is to use the other country's system of measurement and its currency values for documenting the transaction; however, if your company uses U.S. or Canadian weights, measures, and dollars, you should follow that policy. Check any con­version calculations carefully. Part III Types of Business Correspondence 1.    Correspondence on social situations 2.     Appointments and Travel Arrangements In personal meetings, talks take priority over writing, yet appointments and travel arrangements often involve correspondence. Even if appointments have been made verbally it is

wise to confirm them in writing, as a letter is clearer to all parties concerned than a telephone message, where it is easy to misinterpret dates and places. Travel arrangements can, of course, be made without writing letters. However, correspondence is necessary if accommodation is to be booked abroad, or if one is to travel further from places outside one's own country. e.g. International Import Corporation 44 Nasatar St. Cairo 18 August, 1997 Dear Mr. Carter, As mentioned in my letter of 9 August, I am planning to spend a few days in London next month, on my way to the United States. The dates are now settled: I shall at Heathrow on Wednesday, 3 September (Flight BA 602 15 30) and leave on Friday night. I shall be staying at the Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch, London W1. On

September 3 I already have some appointments, but could come to your office any time on Thursday, 4 September. Would you kindly leave a message at my hotel letting me know what time would suit you. One of the most important matters to be discussed is the percentage of commission you could give us for distributing your SELECT copier in Egypt. As we have already indicated, 10% is unacceptable to us: we require at least 12% if we are to do a good job of selling this equipment in Egypt. In the hope that we can come to terms, and looking forward to meeting you, I am, Yours sincerely, Amir Hanna International Import Corporation Amir Hanna 3.     Invitations: Accepting and Declining A formal invitation, usually in the form of a letter or printed card, is written in

the third person, and replies also follow the same style. Other invitations are written less formally. Any written invitations should be answered in writing too, not by phone. A distinction is made between a formal invitation, a semi-formal and informal invitation, and the correct form of reply to each is indicated. e.g. Dear Dr Simon, On behalf of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Organizing Committee of the 10th International congress on brain surgery I have the honour and pleasure of extending to you an invitation to participate in the work of Congress and to give a lecture at the Plenary Session covering your area of research. An early reply to this letter would be appreciated. Sincerely Yours, F.N. Pavlov, Professor Chairman of the Organizing Committee e.g. Dear Dr.

Truman, I very much regret that I am unable to accept your kind invitation to a Reception to be held in Hotel Ritz at seven o’clock on Friday, the tenth of March, 2000, as I have already accepted a previous invitation for that date and time. Yours Truly, Simon Perry e.g. John and Jane Doe are pleased to accept the kind invitation of John and Jane Smith to join them in celebrating the graduation of their daughter, Jane Saturday, the twentieth of June, at 4 o'clock at the Riverside Country Club, 4500 Riverside Drive</DIV> 4.     Thanks for Hospitality, Requests, Complying with a Request It is a matter of courtesy to write to your host personally if you have enjoyed his/her company's hospitality. Here you can see how to express thanks for the fulfilment

of other requests, too. e.g. DATE: August 29, 1999 It was a pleasure meeting you today, Mr Smith. You couldn't have chosen a better restaurant. The food was superb.Thank you. I am glad we had plenty of time to discuss the construction project. You helped clear up almost all the questions I had. And you pointed me in the right direction to find the answers to the few queries I have left. I look forward to meeting you again in the near future. I will call you when I return from my trip to the head office and then it will be my pleasure to treat you to lunch. Regards, M.J. Johnson e.g. TO: J. Watkins FROM: Dr. J. R Ewing DATE: August 29, 1999 SUBJECT: Marriage Benefits Congratulations on getting married, Jim. Best wishes to you and your bride for a long and happy life together. Now