Лингвистический фон деловой корреспонденции (Linguistic Background of Business Correspondence) — страница 11

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Very often the purchasing department or the buyer fills in an order form, although he may prefer to write a letter to make certain points quite clear. There could be special import regulations, which make it necessary to complete formalities, or he may want to stress delivery instructions or other matters. The supplier sends an order acknowledgement promptly, to thank his customer for the order. If prices or delivery times have changed, the customer must be notified. If the goods ordered are no longer available, a substitute may be offered. e.g. MATTHEWS & WILSON Ladies' Clothing 421 Michigan Avenue Chicago, III.60602 GRANT &CLARKSON 148 Mortimer Street London W1C 37D November 4, 1996 Gentlemen: Thank you for your quotation of October 30. We have pleasure in placing an

order with you for 1,900 ‘Swinger’ dresses at Price: $38,745 in the colours and sizes specified below: Quantity Size Colour 50 8, 16 white 100 10,12,14 white 50 8,16 turquoise 100 10,12,14 turquoise 50 8,16 red 100 10,12,14 red 50 16 yellow 100 10,12,14 yellow 50 16 black 100 10,12,14 Black Delivery: air freight, c.i.f., Chicago We shall open a letter of credit with your bank as soon as we receive your order acknowledgement. Please arrange for immediate collection and transport since we need the dresses for Christmas. Very truly yours, P. Wilson Buyer 6. Dispatch, Packing, Transport When the supplier has made up the order and arranged shipment, the customer is informed of this in an advice of dispatch. This may be done on a special form or in a letter. e.g. SATEX S.P.A. Via

di Pietra Papa, 00146 Roma Telefono: Roma: 769910 Telefax: (06) 681 5473 Mr. Crane, Chief Buyer Nesson House Birmingham B3 3EL The United Kingdom 29 March, 1990 Dear Mr. Crane, We would like to advise you that your order has been shipped on the SS Marconissa and should reach you within the next ten days. Meanwhile our bank has forwarded the relevant documents and sight draft for $ 1, 445.60 to the Northminister Bank Birmingham. We are sure you will be pleased with the consignment and look forward to your next order. Yours sincerely, D. Causio e.g. GRANT &CLARKSON 148 Mortimer Street London W1C 37D MATTHEWS & WILSON Ladies' Clothing 421 Michigan Avenue Chicago, III.60602 20thNovember,1996 Dear Sirs: We have pleasure in notifying you that your credit was confirmed by our

bank yesterday, 19th November. We have had the 1900 ‘Swinger’ dresses collected today for transport by British Airways to Chicago on 25th November. Enclosed is our invoice for the goods in question plus the extra charges for air freight, packing list to facilitate customs clearance at your end, certificate of origin, air waybill and insurance policy. Hoping that this initial order will lead to further business, we are Yours faithfully, F.T.Burke Export department 7. Payment and Reminders Customers usually settle their accounts by cheque when payment is due, according to the terms of payment. However, some overlook the date and have to be reminded of the amount outstanding. The first letter is written in a friendly tone, as the delay may have been due to an oversight. When

payment has not been received in reply to this reminder, the creditor will write again in a firmer tone. If the debtor gives no reason for non-payment and sends no remittance, the last course is to use the services of a collection agency or to take legal actions. There may be good reasons for a customer's inability to pay. Where possible he should at least make a part payment, and agree to settle the balance of his account within a reasonable time. e.g. The manville corporation Wilmington, Conn. 71226 July 19, 1998 Gentlemen: In settlement of your invoice No. 20015, we enclose our cheque for $870. May we add that we are pleased with the way you executed this order. The furniture arrived exactly on time, and could be put on sale without delay. Thank you. Sincerely yours, William

S. Carsons Enc. Cheque e.g. THE MANVILLE CORPORATION Wilmington, Conn. 71226 Carson Inc. Bay Avenue San Francisco July 22, 1998 Dear Mr. Carsons: We were pleased to receive your check for $870. It has been credited to your account, which is now completely clear. Please give us an opportunity of serving you again in any way we can. Sincerely yours, Robert L. Thomas Enc. Receipt 8. Complaints, Handling complaints Mistakes may occur in day-to-day business, and these give cause for complaints. There might have been a misunderstanding about the goods to be supplied; perhaps the warehouse clerk made an error in addressing the parcel; sometimes a consignment is dispatched too late or delays are caused in transit; damages may have occurred during delivery; a manufacturing defect is