Лингвистический фон деловой корреспонденции (Linguistic Background of Business Correspondence) — страница 10

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receiving your form order by 15th of November. Our c.i.f. prices are understood to be for sea/land transport to Chicago. If you would prefer the goods to be sent by air freight, this will be charged extra at cost Trouser suits sizes 8-16 in white, yellow, red, turquoise, navy blue, black Sizes 12,14 also in pink per 100 $2,650.00 Swinger dresses sizes 8-16 in white, yellow, red, turquoise, black per 100 $1,845.00 Prices: valid until 31st December, 1997 Delivery: c.i.f. Chicago Transport: sea freight Payment: by irrevocable letter of credit or cheque with order You will be receiving price-list, cutting of our materials and a colour chart. These were airmailed to you this morning. We hope you agree that our prices are very competitive for these good quality clothes, and look

forward to receiving your initial order. Yours faithfully, F.T.Burke Export Department e.g. Bunbury Estate Builders 17Fen Road London EC3 5AP 24 November, 2000 Dear Sirs, In reply to your letter of 21st November, we have pleasure in enclosing a detailed quotation for bathroom showers. Besides those advertised in the "Builders' Journal", our illustrated catalogue also enclosed shows various types of bathroom fittings and the sixes available. Most types can be supplied from stock. Four-six weeks should be allowed for delivery of those marked with an asterisk. Building contractors all over Britain have found our equipment easy to install and attractive in appearance. Any orders you place with us will be processed promptly. Yours faithfully, S. Stuart S. Stuart Sales

Manager 3. Sales Letters Direct advertising, in the form of letters to a selected group of readers, is an effective way to promote sales. Such sales letters should appeal to the potential customer. They should: ·        arouse the reader's attention ·        create desire to make use of your offer ·        convince him that these products or services are the best ones for him ·        activate him to place an order Almost any communication can be used as a sales letter. Announcements to customers and others or important changes can be used to make your company, your products or services better known to the public, and to attract buyers.

e.g. FARMERS FRUIT PRODUCTS Taunton, Somerset England November 2000 Dear Sir, In the field of fruit preserves, English jams marmalades have been regarded as the best for the century and a half. Their reputation is spread by everyone who tastes them: they are recommended by word of mouth to relatives, friends and many prospective customers. English fruit farmers supply FARMARES with the best quality produce from their orchards and gardens. Fresh citrus fruits are imported from Spain and Israel all year round. Please refer to the enclosed price-list, and let us know your requirements on the form attached. You may be able to profit from special terms on your initial order. Delivery can be made shortly after we receive your order. FARMERS look forward to hearing from you soon Yours

faithfully, FARMERS FRUIT PRODUCTS 4. Counter-Proposals, Concessions A buyer need not accept the prices and terms offered by the seller unconditionally. There will often be good reason to make a counter-proposal with the object of obtaining better prices or terms, or a shorter time of delivery. As a result of these negotiations, the supplier could make a concession, particularly for an introductory sale, or if the customer places a large order. e.g. Roberts Import Company Av. Rio de Janeiro Grupo 505 Rio de Janeiro Farmers fruit products Taunton, Somerset England 16 November, 1998 Dear Sirs, Thank you for your letter of 10th November, enclosing your price-list. The 2 lb tins of marmalade would not be suitable for our customers, but we should like to buy 15,000 1 lb jars. However,

there is one disadvantage when compared with local produce. Housewives here are used to a jar containing 500 grammes; the English pound is only 454 grammes. Therefore we would ask you to reduce the prices quoted for quality A2 by ten per cent. As far as the settlement is concerned, we would suggest paying half the amount against your invoice on receipt of the goods, and the second half within 30 days, deducting 2 per cent discount. The samples arrived yesterday, and we must admit that your marmalade is delicious. Would you kindly let us know as soon as possible if you can supply us on the terms mentioned. Yours faithfully, R. Wilson 5. Orders, Order Acknowledgements In comparison to the correspondence so far, placing an order is simple from the point of view of letter-writing.