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was the fury of those adversaries that the northern regions of the western world were rent asunder, and the sea roared in through many chasms, and there was confusion and great noise; and rivers perished or found new paths, and the valleys were upheaved and the hills trod down…” Critics say, that this story is the Tolkiens view on the legend about Atlantis. Who knows, maybe it was really so… The fall of Numenor In the end of the second age of Arda after the War of Wrath and the fall of Beleriand the Valar opened a new land for elected genders of men. It was an island. And it didn’t belong neither to Middle-Earth nor to Valinor (the country of the Valar). The Valar decorated it with gardens, fountains and flowers from Valinor. And this land was named Numenor (The Western

Land). The life of the inhabitants of Numenor was very long – near 300 years. But they still stayed mortal men. Hundreds of years passed and their discontent about their mortality grew. They began to murmur on the Valar: “Why didn’t they give us eternity, if they love us so much? They told us, they could not. Maybe, they just don’t want to?” But the Valar really couldn’t deprive men from death, the Eru’s gift (Eru – the one, who create the Valar and Arda, elves and men and everything), just because they couldn’t understand it. The map of Numenor And exactly in this moment, when the faith of men staggered, Sauron, who betrayed the Valar and turned in the Darkness again, made his stroke. He tempted men and directed them against the Valar. Finally the king of men

concentrated all his forces and threw his giant army against the Valar. Eru saw this and made abyss to swallow this army and the isle of Numenor and men and Sauron: “But Iluvatar (the other name of Eru) showed forth his power, and he changed the fashion of the world; and a great chasm opened in the sea between Numenor and the Deathless Lands, and the waters flowed down into it, and the noise and smoke of the cataracts went up to heaven, and the world was shaken. And all the fleets of the Numenoreans were drawn down into the abyss, and they were drowned and swallowed up for ever.” “There came a mighty wind and a tumult of the earth, and the sky reeled, and the hills slid, and Numenor went down into the sea, with all its children and its wives and its maidens and its ladies

proud; and all its gardens and its balls and its towers, its tombs and its riches, and its jewels and its webs and its things painted and carven, and its lore: they vanished for ever. And last of all the mounting wave, green and cold and plumed with foam, climbing over the land…” And the world has changed. Only those who stayed faithful to the Valar was reminded about forthcoming cataclysm. They sailed to Middle-earth on ships and founded several kingdoms their: Gondor, Arnor and Eriador… This legend intertwines with the Bible Great Flood. As in the Bible we can see the sin of men and retribution for it. As in the Bible water swallowed the sinners. And as in the bible there are some people, who stayed faithful and who was saved and prized for their faith. How the world

changed When Eru punished men in Numenor and destroyed the island, he changed the whole world as well: “But the land of Aman and Eressëa (the islands of Valinor) of the Eldar were taken away and removed beyond the reach of Men for ever. And Andor, the Land of Gift, Numenor of the Kings, Elenna of the Star of Eärendil, was utterly destroyed. For it was nigh to the east of the great rift, and its foundations were overturned, and it fell and went down into darkness, and is no more. And there is not now upon Earth any place abiding where the memory of a time without evil is preserved. For Iluvatar cast back the Great Seas west of Middle-earth, and the Empty Lands east of it, and new lands and new seas were made; and the world was diminished, for Valinor and Eressëa

were taken from it into the realm of hidden things.” Before the fall of Numenor the Earth was flat, but Eru changed her: “Thus in after days, what by the voyages of ships, what by lore and star-craft, the kings of Men knew that the world was indeed made round” By this episode Tolkien managed to conciliate two archaic theories about the form of our planet. He intended that at first the Earth was flat and then changed its form. Of course it is just a myth, but who knows, maybe it was really so… The Change of the world About wars In “The Silmarillion”, in “The Lord Of The Rings” and even in “The Hobbit” we can see wars. In his works Tolkien shows us real war with its blood, pain and cruelty. Why does he pay so much attention to War? The answer is simple. In 1916