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with a beak, pincers and bottomless stomach. Ungoliant is the evil and concentrated darkness. She terminated the Two Great Trees Telperion and Laurelin and deprived the world frome the light that give life. Shelob is smaller then her mother, but she is even more cruel and always hungry. This creature lives in a lair on the border of Mordor (the Dark Land). She has a poison in her stinger, using which she kills and devours her victims. In his early childhood, being in South Africa, Tolkien stumbled on a tarantula. It bit him, and he ran in terror across the garden until the nurse snatched him up and sucked out the poison. Since that time he began to afraid spiders. Maybe this made him to create such a creature. “She”+”lob” is a quite wide-spread model of forming words,

like female animals. For example “she-goat” or “she-wolf”. In this case words should be written with hyphen. Tolkien took hyphen away and used the received word as the name of his creature. It looks rather horribly, isn’t it? Tolkiens view on some events from The Bible and archaic history The crash of the Lamps The spring of Arda In the beginning of ages in “The spring of Arda” (“Arda” means “The Earth”) there was no light at all. The Earth was bare: no trees, no plants, no animals. The Valar saw, that there was a need of the light. And then “Aule at the prayer of Yavanna wrought two mighty lamps for the lighting of the Middle-earth which he had built amid the encircling seas. Then Varda filled the lamps and Manwe hallowed them, and the Valar set them upon

high pillars, more lofty far than are any mountains of the later days. One lamp they raised near to the north of Middle-earth, and it was named Illuin; and the other was raised in the south, and it was named Ormal; and the light of the Lamps of the Valar flowed out over the Earth, so that all was lit as it were in a changeless day.” And then plants and trees began to grow. And Arda filled with different animals and creatures. But when Morgoth (the lord of darkness and evil) saw the fragrance of Arda in his anger he decided to destroy this all. He built an unshakable citadel in Utumno and concentrated all his dark forces there. His power grew and he started the war. He made his stroke when the Valar where not prepared. “He assailed the lights of Illuin and Ormal, and cast down

their pillars and broke their lamps. In the overthrow of the mighty pillars lands were broken and seas arose in tumult; and when the lamps were spilled destroying flame was poured out over the Earth. And the shape of Arda and the symmetry of its waters and its lands was marred in that time, so that the first designs of the Valar were never after restored.” See, how gracefully professor Tolkien handled the legend of the ruin of dinosaurs and the fall of a giant asteroid which destroyed everything on earth! Isn’t he a genius? The fall of Beleriand It was the end of the first age of Arda. The forth battle of Beleriand against Morgoth and Sauron (the “right arm” of Morgoth) finished with a defeat of the forces of the light, the armies of men, elves and dwarves. And the only

hope of the light was Earendel, the man, who dared to try to find Valinor and ask the Valar for help (men never were in Valinor and they where forbidden to go there). He sailed so long, and he was so tired, that he thought to turn back. But suddenly he saw a big white bird like a white cloud under the see. There was a shining silmarill on her bosom. The bird flew on Earendels ship and he saw, that it was his wife, Elwing. Together they continued their sail and the silmarill lighted their way to The map of Beleriand Valinor. When the Valar saw the bravery of this man and his wife (by the way, she was an elf), the understood, there is something in Middle-Earth, they must save. That is how the fifth and the final battle for Beleriand started. This battle was named The War of Wrath.

The Valar, with the power of their fire of anger terminated Angband (the citadel of Morgoth), they knocked Morgoth down and numbed him with the chain of Angoinor. Sauron was forgiven and turned into light, he became Majar again, as he was before Morgoth tempted him. But in their destructive anger, the Valar didn’t even noticed, that they had destroyed the Beleriand. Many of Elves where save and settled in Imladrise, Lothlorien and Mirkwood. But Beleriand was swallowed by the See and no one could ever see its beauty: “Thus an end was made of the power of Angband in the North, and' the evil realm was brought to naught; and out of the deep prisons a multitude of slaves came forth beyond all hope into the light of day, and they looked upon a world that was changed. For so great