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Gymnasium №2 The roots of some Tolkien’s characters. Tolkien’s view on some events from the Bible and archaic history. Name: Yanov Andrey Teacher: Mordasova L.M. Voronezh 2004 CONTENTS I. Introduction 3 II. Body 1. J.R.R.Tolkien: A biographical sketch a) Tolkien’s birth 4 b) Tolkien’s childhood in South Africa 4 c) Tolkien's childhood in England 4 d) Tolkien's childhood fears 4 e) Tolkien's education at home 5 f) Tolkien's childhood books 5 g) Tolkien in elementary school 6 h) Tolkien learns some philology 6 i) Tolkien's mother dies 6 j) Tolkien in high school 7

k) Tolkien in Oxford 7 l) Tolkien after World War II 9 m) Tolkien now 10 2. The roots of some Tolkien characters 11 3. Tolkiens view on some events from The Bible and archaic history 15 III. Conclusion 19 IV. List of used literature 20 V. Appendix 21 Introduction I have many hobbies and one of them is reading. I like to read. Books liberalize us, and it is just very interesting. My favorite kinds of literature are fantasy, science fiction, myths and historical books. But when I saw the film “The Lord Of The Rings” for the first time, I liked it very much. I realized that there was something unusual in it that attracted me. One day someone told me,

that this film is a screen version of the book, written by Tolkien. Then I decided to read the book. And when I read its last page, I realized, that the world, that was described there is very close to me. That is how my keening of Tolkien’s works started. I’ve read the whole “The Lord Of The Rings”, “The Silmarillion”, “The Hobbit Or There And Back Again”, some Tolkien’s poems, such as “Namarie” (which means “farewell” in the “Quenya Lambe” (The Elvish Language)), “Oh, queen beyond the western sees…” and other works. Besides I’ve read “The Biography Of J.R.R.Tolkien”, written by H. Carpenter and many works of different famous critics devoted to Tolkien. While reading such literature, I understand and realize very interesting ideas of

Tolkien, his philosophy, and it is very interesting to know, what things influenced the creation of his characters and his own world that he developed in “The Silmarillion”. And in my work I’m trying to show you just some of those things. J.R.R.Tolkien: A biographical sketch Tolkien's birth John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born to Mabel Suffield and Arthur Tolkien in South Africa on January 3, 1892. On February 17,1894, Mabel gave birth to Hilary Arthur Reuel Tolkien, J.R.R's only brother. When Ronald (J.R.R)'s health worsened in 1895, the Tolkiens (except for Arthur, who had to stay in order to wrap up business) left to Southampton. On February 15, 1896, Arthur Tolkien, in South Africa, died due to a severe hemorrhage. Tolkien's childhood in South Africa ". . . many

months later, when Ronald was beginning to walk, he stumbled on a tarantula. It bit him, and he ran in terror across the garden until the nurse snatched him up and sucked out the poison . . . Nevertheless, in his stories he writes more than once of monstrous spiders with venomous bites" (Carpenter 14) Ronald with his family in South Africa "During the first year of the boy's life Arthur Tolkien made a small grove of cypresses, firs and cedars. Perhaps this had something to do with the deep love of trees that wood that would develop in Ronald" (Carpenter 14) Tolkien's childhood in England Since his father (the sole source of money) was dead, J.R.R. and his family went to live with the Suffields (his maternal grandparents). In the summer of 1896, the Tolkiens moved