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Exercise 2 a shouldn't f was able to b don't have to g should have c couldn't gone d won't h mustn't e cannot 7 Obligation and permission Exercise 1 1 will not marry 5 may not visit 2 can only keep 6 cannot ride 3 should 7 shall sweep command 8 will dress 4 must be at must be home 9 may not travel Exercise 2 a had to couldn't b had to weren't allowed to/couldn't c didn't have to was also allowed couldn't/weren't allowed to d weren't allowed to/couldn't e were forbidden to/weren't allowed to/couldn't f had to weren't allowed to/couldn't 8 Present to past a I had to take ... b They must have been away ... c We couldn't see the top ... d He can't/couldn't have been ... e We weren't allowed to/were forbidden to/couldn't... f He wouldn't go to bed. g That would have been John ... h

You should have been more careful. i You didn't have to do this exercise. 9 Positive to negative a You mustn't stop here. b We didn't have to learn ... c They didn't have to take ... d He can't be speaking Swedish. e We didn't have to wear ... f You won't have to help me ... 10 need and needn't have Exercise 1 aV bM cV dV eV fM g M h V i V j M Exercise 2 a mustn't f didn't need to b needn't/ take/didn't have don't have to to take c have to/need to g got to d don't need to/ h needn't have don't have to bought e needn't have woken 11 Words that go together a C bA cD dB eD fC gB hA iC jA kB ID m C n D 12 A word puzzle 1 OSCAR 2 PREMIERE 3 GLAMOROUS 4 JETSETTER 5 FANCLUB 6 AUTOGRAPH 7 SOCIALITE 8 PENTHOUSE 9 LIMOUSINE 10 MODEL 11 ARISTOCRAT Mystery word: CELEBRITIES 13 Verb +

preposition a for b about/for/at c of d from e in f to g in h in i to/with j to, about 14 Consonant clusters and connected speech Exercise 1 a doesn't i thrilled b shouldn't j marvellous c mustn't k excitement d muscles 1 sixth e crashed m impressed f distinctly n length g special o comfortable h grumbled Exercise 2 a The car windscreen's smashed. b My uncle's sprained his ankle. c This cream doesn't taste fresh. d You don't have to scream. e These white jeans must have shrunk. f She arrived dressed in the latest fashion. g He doesn't know his own strength. h He can't have fixed it properly. Unit 9 1 Negative auxiliaries a don't e isn't h doesn't b didn't f won't/ i hadn't c haven't isn't j hasn't d aren't g 'm not 2 no, not, -n't, or none? a not b n't c not d not e no f Not g

none h no i n't j not k Not 1 none m No n no o None p Not 3 Making sentences mean the opposite (Sample answers) a None of the students passed the exam, so their teacher was furious/disappointed. b Tom was an unsuccessful businessman who achieved very little in his life. c Our house is easy to find. No one ever gets lost. d We had a terrible time in Venice. - . There were too many people there. e You mustn't exercise your ankle. Try not to move it at all. f I don't have to iron my shirt. I'm not going out tonight. g You don't need to/needn't come with me. I'll go on my own. h I wasn't in a hurry because I didn't need to go to the shops. i You ought not to have given the dog anything to eat. j I told you not to go to work. Why aren't you in bed? 4 / don't think you're right a. I

don't suppose you've got... b The machine doesn't seem to be working. c I didn't think it was going to rain. d They don't want their daughter to marry a footballer. e I didn't expect to see you ... f I don't suppose you've seen ... g I don't think I'd like snails. h I don't expect you remember me. i She doesn't seem to like her job. j I don't believe she got grade A ... 5 Buzz Aldrin a When did man first walk on the moon? b Who went first? c How long has Buzz Aldrin been travelling the world? d Where was he born? e Which military academy did he graduate from? f Where did he serve as a pilot? g When was he chosen as an astronaut? h When was Apollo 11 launched to the moon? i How long did the mission last? j What happened to Buzz when he returned? k What did he suffer from? 1 How

many children did he have from his first marriage? m How many times has he been married? n Who saved him from self-destruction? o Who do they live with? p How many cars do they have? q What sort of books has he written? r When was Encounter with Tiber published? s What does he do with himself these days? 6 Dialogues a Who made that mess ...? What were you doing? When are you going to tidy it up? b What was it like? Who did you talk to? Whatabout? What went wrong? What about? c What for/Why? Who was he attacked by/Who by? What was he doing/Where was he when ...? How is he? Which hospital was he taken to? How long is he going to be in hospital? 7 Questions and prepositions Exercise 1 a by b to c at d on e for f in g about h of i from j with Exercise 2 a Whatabout? e Who for? b