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safe g sorry d mean h interesting Exercise 2 a time to go e need to shout b way to skin f things to do c idea to visit g money to pay d anyone to talk h nothing to wear Exercise 3 a for arriving g at remembering b by doing h of buying c about going i for coming d without asking j like going e with having k of being stung f for making 6 Forms of the infinitive a have forgotten g to disturb b to be selected h be working c to pay i to have seen d to have met j to be e to be recognized dry-cleaned k have told f to be having 1 to be handed 7 /don't want to a7 b9 c6 d2 el flO g 4 h 3 i 5 j 8 8 The house that Jack built a to work i repaying b to pay j to give c leaving k to celebrate d to do 1 doing e to lend m to build f listening n living g working o being h to make 9 Verbs of

perception a singing f waiting b slam g being built c cooking h laughing d playing i eat sunbathing j shoplifting e pick rip take put 10 Compound nouns a blood test blood pressure blood donor b campsite building site bomb-site c waterfall water-melon water-skiing d greenhouse greengrocer green salad e nightclub nightmare night shift f briefcase suitcase bookcase g paper bag plastic bag shoulder-bag h rainbow raincoat raindrop i sunshine sunrise sunset j roadworks road sign road rage k blackboard floorboard notice-board 1 daylight daybreak day-dream m handshake handwriting handbook n ice-cube iceberg ice-rink o birthday cake birthday present birthday card p landscape landlady landslide q sports car sports centre sports ground r address book visitors' book notebook 11 Phrasal verbs

type 4 a away from g up for b down on h away with c on with i up with d up to j out with e down on k up against f away with 1 in with 12 Weak and strong forms Exercise 1 a She isn't going to learn from this experience, but he is. b I've heard that you're thinking of moving from London. Are you? c They have dinner at seven, don't they? d You'll be able to get a ticket for me, won't you? e Rye got no idea who this letters from. f Can't you remember who Bill used to work for? g I've been^ waiting for you to come. Where were you? h We'd been looking forward to coming for ages, then at the last minute we weren't able to. i Won't you sit down for a couple of minutes? Exercise 2 A What are you doing at the weekend? A We're going to Scotland. Do you want to come too? A We've decided to

camp. None of us can afford to pay for a hotel. A No we won't. We've got strong tents, lots of warm clothes, and thick sleeping bags. A Of course we have, and it's pretty warm for October. A Excellent. I'll tell the others. They'll be delighted. We'll pick you up at six on Friday. See you then. Goodbye. Unit 8 1 How certain? a •• b • c •• d •• e • f •• g • h •• i • j •• k •• 1 •• 2 Present probability a She must be missing her boyfriend. b It'll be Tom. c She can't still be sleeping. d They should be in the top drawer. e They could be having a party. f He must have a deadline to meet. g It might be difficult driving to work. h She may be hiding in the wardrobe. 3 Past probability Exercise 1 a She must have got engaged to Andy. b He can't

have cut it for ages. c They must have been doing something naughty. d She must have been making a cake. e They can't/must/might have gone without me. f He can't have had a party last night. g They should have arrived home by now. h She might have mislaid my number. Exercise 2 a It must have been blown down by the wind. b They must have been washed with something red. c It can't have been mended properly. d It can't have been given enough to eat. e They can't have been watered for a long time. f It must have been shattered by a stone. Exercise 3 (Sample answers) If I go to India I can see the Taj Mahal. If I go to India I will see.... If I go to India I might see ... If I go to India I may see ... If I went to India I would see ... If I went to India I might see ... If I went to

India I could see ... If I'd gone ... I might have seen ... If I'd gone ... I would have seen ... If I'd gone ... I could have seen ... 4 Deductions about the present and past a must be making b could have used might have climbed up c would have been d may have been joking can't have spent must have misheard e should be touching down must be will already have landed. f could be snowing can snow 5 Meaning check a ability g sure b permission h possibility c permission i gave ... d advice not necessary e asking j ought f manage 6 Which modals fit? Exercise 1 a should/ought to b Can/Could/May/Might c must/have to/should d can e will/could/may/might/should/ ought to f can g have to h could/may/might/should/ ought to/must i can/could/may/should/ought to/ must/have to j must/have to