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will be worried/ b '11 own worrying c will have fallen g won't have out remembered/ d will be having/ won't remember will have had h will want i won't agree 6 Correcting mistakes a A What are you doing this weekend? B • b A • B Oh, no! What am I going to do? c A Is it true that Rachel is getting married to ... B • d A • B Yuk! You'll have to wake me up. I can never get up ... e A • B ... You'll be getting ... f A • B ... It'll only take a ... g A • B ... We're going to stay/ 're staying at home. h A I'll ring you as soon as I arrive. B • 7 Future time clauses a won't get eat sensibly. b 're not moving to find/have found c '11 love/'re going to love meet d Are you going to learn 're e won't go to bed have f 's going to be 've finished g don't do will you have to h

will deal are i '11 feel have/have had j try/have tried '11 never use 8 Health Exercise 1 (Sample answers) a The nurse took the patient's temperature. b The surgeon performed a difficult operation. c The accident victim was carried on a stretcher. d The toddler fell over and grazed his knee. e The teenager had spots on her face. f The pregnant woman felt faint in the smoky atmosphere. g The old man had a heart attack. h The tennis player sprained her wrist. i The racing driver was lucky to survive the crash. j The soldier was wounded in the attack. k The gardener was stung by a wasp. 1 The ferry passengers felt sea-sick during the crossing. m The holidaymaker suffered from sunburn. Exercise 2 a injured f allergic to b dislocated g a blister c stitches h dizzy d pain i run down e

a rash j damages 9 Hot Verbs be and have Exercise 1 be on the safe side in touch with sb no point in doing sth off colour out of one's mind up to date in charge of sb/sth on one's mind have the nerve to do sth sb round a word with sb a ball no chance of doing sth Exercise 2 a be a bit off g had the nerve colour h to be on the b '11 be in touch safe side c 're having Mel i have no chance and Andy of round j 'm in charge of d 's always on k having a ball my mind 1 's no point in e 've been out m be up to date of my mind f have a word with you 10 Phrasal verbs types 2 and 3 a talked it over g look after him b take after her h look into it c sort it out i get over it d gone off her j work it out e call it off k putting me f put them away down 11 Sounds and spelling Exercise 1 a won't

/au/ want /r>/ b walk h:/ work ly.l c wonder /a/ wander lol d woman /u/ women /i/ e warm lo:l worm /3:/ f word /3:/ ward Iv.l g wear leal weary list h weight /ei/ weird /is/ Exercise 2 a phone e weak h height b blood f lower i pear c love g north j layer d through Unit 6 1 General knowledge quiz Ib 2a 3a 4c 5b 6a 7c 8b 9c 10 a 2 Defining or non-defining? Exercise 1 aD bD cND dD eND f D g ND h D i ND j ND Exercise 2 a ... who could teach me ... b ... that has four bedrooms. c ... Romeo and Juliet, which is one of the best films I've ever seen. d ... that sells second-hand furniture? e Marilyn Monroe, whose real name was Norma Jean Baker, died of an overdose of barbiturates. f ... who lose their temper ... g My computer, which I bought just last year, is already out of date. h I

met a girl I went to school with. i Professor James Williams, who is considered to be the world's expert on butterflies, will... j I bought a ham and pickle sandwich, which I ate immediately. 3 Punctuation and omitting the pronoun a The thing that I most regret is not going to university. b My two daughters, who are 16 and 13, are both interested in dancing. c (no change) d (no change) e (no change) f Salt, whose qualities have been known since prehistoric times, is used to season and preserve food. g The CD -that I bought yesterday doesn't work. h You know the book -that you paid Ј20 for? I just got it for Ј5. i (no change) j Devon, where my mother's family comes from, is famous ... 4 All relative pronouns Exercise 1 a Have I told you recently how much I love you? b I have to

do what I believe to be right. c I love garlic in all my food, which is why I'm always brushing my teeth. d We're emigrating to Australia, where my brother lives. e I met a girl whose hair came down to her waist. f I passed all my exams, which greatly surprised my teachers. g Let me know when you expect to arrive. h Being generous, I'll buy you whatever you want. Exercise 2 a who i where b that j that c where k whose d which 1 (nothing) e (nothing) m where f whose n which g which o Whatever h (nothing) 5 Prepositions in relative clauses a This is the book I was telling you about. b She's a friend I can always rely on. c That's the man the police were looking for. d She recommended a book by Robert Palmer, who I'd never heard of. e The carpet which you paid Ј500 for has been