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very little m very little/ c a few hardly any d a huge amount n fewer e no o less f few p none g nobody q a lot h much r a couple i most s anything j several t Something Exercise 2 a Fred has no relatives. b Fred didn't talk to anyone about his grief. c People were friendly to Fred because he had a lot of money. d He invested a lot/a huge amount of his money. e Fred had a little money left when Barings went bankrupt. f Nobody helped Fred when he ran out of money. g Fred has made a couple of real friends. h Fred has learned a lot from his experience. 7 something, anybody, everyone, nowhere... Exercise 1 a somewhere h anywhere b anyone i someone c everywhere j something anywhere anything d anything k anyone e everything 1 Everyone/ f nothing Everybody g nobody/no one Exercise 2 a

He told the police that he knew nothing. He didn't tell the police anything. b I think they live somewhere in London. I don't mind. I'll live anywhere in London. c Anybody can cook. It's easy. Nobody phoned you. Sorry. d I've searched everywhere. I can't find it anywhere. e I thought I'd know somebody at the party. I didn't know anyone at the party. f My parents never took me anywhere when I was a kid. My parents took me everywhere when I was young. g Jane always got everything she wanted. Jane didn't have anything to wear. h I've already had something to eat. I've had nothing to eat. 8 all or every? a everything b Everything c All d Every e All f All g All h all the i everything j all k Every 9 A piece of cake! Exercise 1 a jar of honey a can of beer/soup/ Coke a slice of

bread/cake a tube of toothpaste a piece of cake/ paper/bread a loaf of bread a bottle of beer/Coke a bar of soap/chocolate a box of chocolates a tin of soup a sheet of paper Exercise 2 a a piece/slice f slice of bread of cake g many cans/ b a tin/can of bottles of beer soup h bar of soap c sheets of paper i a jar of special d a box of apple blossom chocolates honey, e bar of chocolate 10 Prepositions and nouns Exercise 1 A above/below/on average on foot under arrest over/under Ј500 above/below/over/under 75% above/below freezing over/under 18 years old under new management on holiday under pressure on business B at/by midnight during/in the night by/on New Year's Day by/during/in the winter by/on Friday afternoon at/by/during the weekend in/on time in a fortnight's time

during/in the rush hour in his forties Exercise 2 a over b in c on d at e on f on g By h On i at j during/ in k below 1 under m in n by o in 11 Sentence stress a Well, I know he earns a lot more • than me. b What do you mean? He's already bought a brand new one. c Didn't you know that all of Frank's clothes are designer labels? d He has loads of them. e No, in fact he's in Florida on • holiday. • • f Really? The girl I saw him with had • • short, brown hair. 12 Phonetics Exercises 1 and 2 Fruit: 'grapefruit pear 'pineapple 'cherry 'melon 'orange plum 'strawberry 'raspberry avo'cado 'mango Vegetables: 'carrot 'cauliflower pea po'tato 'cabbage leek cour'gette 'parsnip 'cucumber 'sweetcorn 'spinach 'onion Unit 5 1 Question tags a You're going to work harder from now on,

aren't you? b I'll see you next week, won't I? c Kate's leaving soon, isn't she? d You'll ring when you get there, won't you? e Our plane takes off at 4 p.m., doesn't it? f The decorators will have finished by next week, won't they? g You aren't getting married next week, are you? h We won't need tickets to get in, will we? 1 We'll be millionaires one day, won't we? j Max won't be coming, will he? 2 will or going to? a A 'm going to B '11 b A are going to B '11 c A 'm going to '11 B '11 d A 's going to/will B '11 e A 'm not going to B '11 f A '11 B 'm going to '11 g A 'm going to B '11 '11 h A 're going to/'ll B '11 3 What does John say? a. I'll buy her a present. b I'm going to study hard ... c I'm seeing/going to see ... d I think Manchester United will/are going to win on

Saturday. e I'm sorry. I'm going to be late. f My sister is going to have/having a baby next March. g My plane takes off at 7.30 a.m. from London, Heathrow. h I'll be lying on a beach in Spain this time next week. 4 Future Cont. or Perfect? a I'll have become ... b I'll be running my own ,.. c I'll have moved to California. d I'll be living in a mansion ... e I'll have joined a ... f I'll have married a ... g I'll be earning over ... h I'll have given up smoking. 5 A Hollywood interview Exercise 1 a are getting h will arrive b will have i are coming exchanged j won't be c '11 make coming d are going to k are going to tell have e are having 1 doesn't start f will you be m will be arriving inviting n leaves g are coming o '11 be Exercise 2 a will be e will be working expecting f