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staying dreaming c had just waved p heard d was miaowing q woke e crashed into r crept f caught fire s the noise was g arrived coming from h pulled them t had been out walking i had raced back u had found his j was carrying way k leapt up v were bleeding 1 ran away w knitted m hadn't found x wore Exercise 3 a Who had Jim and Rita been staying with? b Why was Whiskers miaowing? c What happened to their car? d What was Rita doing when the car exploded? e Why did Whiskers run away?/Why did Whiskers leap into the air? f What had Rita been dreaming about? g How long had Whiskers been walking (for)? h Why did Rita knit him some baby bootees? 6 Active to passive a A medieval temple was discovered underneath the new housing estate. b The races were held indoors because it was raining. c

Our house had been broken into and all my jewellery had been stolen. d The leisure centre had been booked for a children's party on Saturday. e The dishwasher was being fixed so I couldn't leave the house. f Our hotel room still hadn't been cleaned when we returned. g The fish hadn't been cooked for long enough. It was still raw! h New traffic lights were being put up at the crossroads. 7 Active and passive Maudie Walker a had just d was overcome succeeded e suffered b was smiling f died c waving Major Summerfield a had died g had just caught b was fighting h struck c was struck i were paralysed d fell j was being e wasn't badly buried injured k shattered f was fishing Rueben Tice a wasn't e exploded b was working f was hit c hadn't slept g was killed d was putting/ h was covered

had been putting 8 The world of literature Poetry: nursery rhyme character ballad verse paperback hardback Prose: plot chapter autobiography character best-seller review science fiction novelist critic blockbuster fairy tale hardback whodunnit paperback thriller Drama: plot act director character backstage leading role .science fiction script review blockbuster props scenery critic rehearsal playwright whodunnit stalls thriller standing ovation performance 9 Words commonly confused 1 a 're waiting for b is expected c are looking forward to 2 a ground b floor c ground 3 a Actually b at the moment c really 4 a alone lonely b lone 5 a nervous b embarrassed c ashamed 6 a was usually taken b brought/brings c fetch 7 a Have you seen b were watching c Look at 10 Phrasal verbs type 1

Exercise 1 show off-boast turnup-arrive find out - discover own up - admit doze off- fall responsibility asleep cheer up - be hold on - wait happier speak up - talk go out - stop louder burning set off - begin a shut up-be quiet journey stay in - not go blow up - explode out, stay at home settle down - have a calmer, more stable life Exercise 2 a owns up i dozed off b went out j find out c '11 turn up k Shut up d set off 1 Hold on e Cheer up m Speak up f showing off ' n blew up g stay in h settled down 11 Diphthongs Exercise 1 a /pei/ e /dis/ b /rait/ f /boi/ c /faun/ g /tus/ d /round/ h /fea/ Exercise 2 a near e page b care f join c throw g town d flight h fewer Exercise 3 1'v.l (2) /ei/ (1 ) /u:/(4) /so/(3) /3:/(5) /3:/(6) /3:/(8) /I8/(7) /s:/ (10) /a:/ (9) /au/(ll) /so/(12)

/u:/ (13) /so/ (14) /u:z/(17) /suz/(15) /aus/(16) /u:z/(19) /u:s/(18) /cm/(22) /u:m/(21) /sum/(20) /ol/(23) /sul/(24) /Am/(26) /somf (25) ls\l (27) (28) /ei/(29) /e/(30) /u/ (33) /u:/(32) /a/ (31) /ud/ (35) /sold/ (34) /su/(38) /a/(36) /o/(37) Unit 4 1 Countable or uncountable? a luggage f unemployment b food g accommodation c cash h health d corn i music e fruit j traffic 2 some or any? a any d some any b some/any any e any any c Some any f some some 3 much or many? a Is there much work ...? b I didn't spend much time .'.. c Did they do much research ...? d They couldn't give me much information ... e There is too much traffic ... f I didn't have too many problems... 4 The canteen Exercise 1 (Sample answers) a There are lots of cheese sandwiches. b There are a few ham

sandwiches. c There's a huge amount of spaghetti. d There's only a little rice and vegetable curry. e There are a few hamburgers. f There are no chips. g There's hardly any fruit salad. h There are a couple of bananas. i There aren't many doughnuts. j There's hardly any apple juice. Exercise 2 a 's lots f are a few b a few g 's only a little c 's only a little h 've got a couple d aren't any (left) i a little e a little j lots 5 very little, a little, very few, a few, fewer, less a a few chips b a little whisky c Children have less respect for their teachers than they used to. d very few e a little Swedish f Fewer people . g Very few people h a few years i There's very little I can do ... j a few of them 6 From riches to rags Exercise 1 a many k all b hardly any/ 1 a large number