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their contents Kitchen: taps sink dishwasher scales breadbin tin opener cat flap tea towel high chair Welsh dresser Living room: French windows armchair sofa rug drinks cabinet magazine rack ornaments Bedroom: chest of drawers dressing table cot duvet wardrobe pillow ornaments sheets rug quilt Bathroom: shower curtain towel rail washbasin bidet taps scales flannel towel 9 house and home idioms Exercise 1 a He's got a huge appetite. b They have a very good relationship. c I could shop for a very long time. d The drinks are free. e The musical was a success. f The pictures made me realize fully the horrors of the famine. g Mum earns the money in our family. h Haig managed to win, although it wasn't easy. Exercise 2 a When I saw her empty cat basket it really brought home the fact

I'd never see her again. b We all got on like a house on fire. c They eat us out of house and home. d Apparently, it brought the house down. e I could dance until the cows come home. 10 Literal and idiomatic Exercise 1 a out e down h back b away f off on i in c down g out j away d off Exercise 2 a fell out (L) e Hold on (I) fell out (I) hold on (L) b put up (I) f take it off (L) put up (L) take off (I) c 've sorted g picked it up (I) out (L) pick him up (L) sort it out (I) d stand up (L) stand up (I) 11 Vowel sounds and spelling Exercise 1 a friend e took i thought b English f huge j shirt c cheese g crash k chart d month h shock 1 temper Exercise 2 lei letter weather breakfast head /i/ sick women busy building I'r.l tree jeans heat machine /a/ hug mother fun worry Ivl good woman

could pullover /u:/ cool roof suit canoe 1x1 camp family accent fan /o/ log odd sausage want /a:/ horse walk daughter floor /3:i early work search worm /a:/ party father banana garden /a/ letter banana father machine Exercise 3 a Learning a foreign language is very useful. b It's important to have a good dictionary. c English spelling isn't easy. d It's good to keep lists of vocabulary. e Grammar doesn't have to be boring. f Everyone wants to speak English fluently. Unit 2 1 Present Perfect simple or continuous? Exercise 1 a I've written to Auntie Fay to wish her a happy birthday. I've been writing my essay all morning. b I've lost my car keys. I've been losing weight recently. c They've missed the train. They've been missing you lots, so come home soon. d She's been talking on

the phone for ages. She's talked about this subject before. e Paula's been leaving work late all this week. Paula's left work early today to meet her uncle. f The cat's been going next door to have its dinner. The cat's gone upstairs. g He's had a heart attack. He's been having second thoughts about accepting the job. h I've been saving up to buy a new stereo. I've saved up about Ј200. 1 I've been swimming which is why my hair is wet. I've swum twenty lengths today. j I've been finding it difficult to concentrate recently. I've found my cheque book at last. Exercise 2 a 's been snowing b have you travelled c have lived 've been trying haven't managed d have been arguing e 've eaten f have been running g 's been crying 's failed h 've been sunbathing 2 Present Perfect/Past Simple

a Which school did he go to? b How long has he known Julian? Since he was 11 years old. c How long has he been married to Maria? d What did he do/was he doing in Argentina? He taught/was teaching English. e When did he return to England? After his son was born. f How many times did he work as a sales representative? g Where did he move to after Caroline was bom? h How long has he been selling clothes? Since he was fifty-five years old. i Has Paul had a successful career? No, he hasn't, because he's now selling clothes at Peckham market. 3 World's highest dustman Exercise 1 a lives g has found b has already h came made i has collected c aims/'s aiming j has been d was working preparing e heard k 's training f was looking 1 succeeds Exercise 2 a 'm beginning m try/'m trying/ b

'vedone 've been trying c feel n 's snowed/ d 've been 's been snowing learning/ o are sunbathing/ 've learned have been e isn't/hasn't sunbathing been p are checking/ f 've slept/'ve have been been sleeping checking g 're staying q mentioned h dream r are thinking/ i haven't seen were thinking j feels s get k 've been telling/ t make tell u get up 1 's been/is v to be lying 4 Present Perfect passive a A yachtsman has been rescued in the Pacific. b Valuable jewels have been stolen from Harrods. c The missing boy has been found alive. d MPs have been given a huge pay rise. e Ten people have been killed by a tornado in Texas. f An ancient tomb has been discovered in Egypt. g 2,000 people have been made redundant at British Aerospace. h A cure has been discovered for teenage acne. 5