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Where to? f Who to? c Whatabout? g What with? d How long for? 8 How... 7 and What... like? a What's he like? b How was school today? c What was the food like? d How was your journey? e What's the weather like? f How is/was she? g What's it like? h How's your job these days? 9 Negative questions a2 bl c3 d4 e5 f6 g 8 h 7 .i 9 j 10 k 12 1 11 10 Antonyms and synonyms A B unkind cruel dishonest deceitful incredible unbelievable disappear vanish unfair biased displeased annoyed discontinue halt unfasten undo abnormal exceptional unemployed redundant unfriendly hostile distrust suspect unprofessional amateur unknown anonymous discover/uncover reveal unsafe hazardous abuse/misuse damage improbable unlikely unimportant trivial unemotional reserved 11 Hot Verbs keep and /ose Exercise 1

keep calm a promise going in touch with sb sb company your nerve a secret sb waiting your temper fit lose weight your way your nerve your temper Exercise 2 a keep in touch e lost my nerve b lost my temper f keep fit c keep going g Keep calm d keep a secret h lost my way 12 Phrasal verbs and nouns that go together Exercise 1 come up with a new idea, a plan beat up an old man, a victim of a crime break into a house, a flat, to steal something break off a relationship, an engagement bring out a new product on the market bring up children to be honest and hard-working clear out a cupboard and throw out what you don't want count on your best friend to help you deal with a problem, a complaint, a difficult customer drop out of a university course after one year fit in with the other

people in the group look up to someone you respect point out a fact that someone might not be aware of take back what I said -1 didn't mean it tell off a naughty child Exercise 2 a clear out h come up with b are bringing out i told Tom off c broke into j deal with d beat him up k fit in with e looked up to 1 drop out of f I take it all back. m count on g I'll point him out n brought me up 13 Intonation in question tags Exercise 1 a aren't you? V g aren't I? V b wasn't it? V h have you? A c could you? A i isn't it? V d isn't he? V j weren't we? V e isn't it? V k would you? A f has he? A 1 had we? V Exercise 2 a You like that car, don't you? V b Vanessa, you're going to Rome next week, aren't you? A c That was awful, wasn't it? V d You haven't borrowed my new coat again, have you?

A e You couldn't water my plants while I'm away, could you? A Unit 10 1 Tina's diary Exercises 1 and 2 a usually f rarely/ b occasionally hardly ever c used to C) g always d frequently h sometimes e rarely/ i will hardly ever j would (•) 2 Present habit Exercise 1 Id 2g 3f 4e 5h 6c 7b 8 i 9 j 10 a Exercise 2 (Sample answers) a She has three a day. b He's always telling people how clever he is. c She won't eat anything at all unusual. d He doesn't play anything. e They're always buying things. f He's always sitting at his computer, surfing the Internet. g She's always watching TV. h He always expects the worst to happen. i They will eat with their mouths open. j He never lets you down. 3 used to and would Exercise 1 a used to e used to b Did you use to f didn't use to c never

used to/ g did you use to didn't use to h Didn't you d Did you use to use to Exercise 2 1 a,b 2 a 3 a,b,c 4 a,b,c 5 a 6 a, b, c 7 a, b 8 a 9 a,b,c 4 Criticizing other people Exercise 1 b • d • e • h • i • Exercise 2 My family a My dad will mend/is always mending... b My brother will leave/is always leaving... c My sister will borrow/is always borrowing... d Uncle Tom will smoke/is always smoking ... e My grandpa would chew/was always chewing... f Our great-grandma wouldn't turn on/was always turning off... 5 Henry's Ј4.5 million secret Exercise 1 al b2 cl d3 e2 fl g2 hli3jlk211m3n2 o 3 p 3 Exercise 2 a believe d didn't g always b to e use h inherited c would f used 6 get, become, or be? a get upset h became clear b became ill i got to know c 'm getting better got to

like d to become j aren't used to a pilot k has become a e '11 be ready bit of a bore 'm just getting 1 'm tired dressed m gets dark 've been ready n is becoming f 're lost more g are getting/ widespread are going to get/ have got divorced 7 Money Exercise 1 A+B I took out a loan. I exchanged some traveller's cheques. I inherited my grandfather's farm. We don't accept credit cards. I need change for a fiver. I earned over Ј2,000 in interest. B + C This new coat was a bargain. His cheque bounced. Inflation went up by 2%. The exchange rate is good at the moment. My credit card expires at the end of July My piggy bank is full of 5p pieces. Exercise 2 A lesson in thrift at the supermarket a check-out i wallet b bar codes j cash c added k customers d bill 1 cut e pay m came to f