Ключи для оксфордской рабочей тетради (Upper-Intermediate)

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Key______ Unit 1 1 Identifying tenses Exercise 1 a is walking n had been b walked washed/ c 'd been walking was washed d had taken o 've been e was taken washing f '11 take p will have g 'vehad been sold h '11 be having q sells i were having r will be sold/ j is freshly made 's going to k '11 have made be sold 1 's been made s will have been m 're being teaching washed t were being taught Exercise 2 ACTIVE Simple Continuous Present sells is walking Past walked were having Future will take will be having Present Perfect have had have been washing Past Perfect had taken had been walking Future Perfect will have will have made been teaching PASSIVE Simple Continuous Present is made are being washed Past was taken were being taught Future will be sold Present Perfect has been

made Past Perfect had been washed Future Perfect will have been sold 2 Correcting mistakes a • b Manchester United are playing really well at the moment. ... c I've heard you're going to have a baby!/you're having a baby! ... d • e When I was a little girl, I always spent my ... f I've been going out with Paul ... g ... Perhaps I'll get him ... h • i A ... strike has been called by ... j ... and deserved to pass ... 3 Choosing the right tense a 've been looking/was looking b wonder/'m wondering/ wondered/was wondering c went d 'd never been e was doing/did f got g did you feel h 'sbeen i 've visited j felt k was travelling 1 have been learning/are learning m 're looking forward n is hoping/hopes o will that be p will be able q produces r 've been s '11 get t 've discussed 4

Active or passive? Exercise 1 a Volvos aren't made in Norway. b Our house was built in the 17th century. c Has your bedroom been decorated d My bedroom's being decorated ... e While ... was being built... f ... our house had been burgled. g She won't be recognized ... Exercise 2 a were caught were leaving/left b arrived had caught c are emptied d hadn't been delivered e has been missing f don't you like love 're going to see g were driving were overtaken h had been snowing i arrive '11 be picked up 5 At home on a train Exercise 1 a don't live k have been b has travelled removed c is made 1 paid d 've lived/ m were offered 've been living n 'm discovering e didn't want o was built f saw p 've worked/ g fell 're working/ h bought have been i had already working done q '11 ever sell

j we're still r will remain/ making remains Exercise 2 a Do they live in a caravan? b How long have they lived/been living there? c Who did they buy it from? d How much did they pay for their house? e How much were they recently offered for the house? f Where and when was it built? g Are they still working on the hous< h Will they ever sell the house? 6 have, be,or do? a has (A) h does (A) b did (F) i was (A) c have (F) j is (A) d 've (A) being (A) e is/was (F) k doing (F) has/had (F) to have (F) f didn't (A) 1 been (A) g done (F) 'm(F) 7 Forms of have and have got Exercise 1 a '... have you got/do you have a ...' '... I'm having ...' '... I've got/have ... to have ...' b '... have you got/do you have ...' '... I haven't/don't...' '...had...' '... haven't got/don't have ... c

'...had...' '...had...' '... Will you have to ...' d 'Have you got/do you have ...' 'No, we haven't/don't. Have/do you?' '... I've had ... I've got/have ...' '... to have ...' e '... We've got to/have to ...' '... haven't got/don't have ...' '... had ... Have ...' f ... having ... I've had ... haven't had... Exercise 2 a She hasn't got... b I don't usually have ... c I haven't got/don't have ... d They aren't having ... e We didn't have ... f I don't have to ... g I didn't have to ... Exercise 3 a What colour eyes has she got? b What time do you usually have breakfast? c How much money do you have? d What are they having a row about? e Did you have a good time on holiday? f How many hours a day do you have to work? g , What time did you have to get up this morning? 8 Rooms and