Изучение биосинтеза аминокислот штаммом Вrevibacterium methylicum при росте на средах, содержащих тяжелую воду и дейтеро-метанол — страница 9

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USA. - P.439. 14. Campbell J., Weiner W.C., Chess E.K. et al. // Biomedical inveron. mass spectrom. - 1990. - V.19. - P.520-522. 15. Nesvera J., Patek M., Hochmannova J. et al., Appl. Microbiol. 35, 777-780, (1991). О.V. МОSIN Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology named after М.V. Lomonosov, 117571. STUDYING OF BIOSYNTHESIS OF AMINO ACIDS BY BACTERIAL STRAIN Вrevibacterium methylicum ON MEDIA, CONTAINING HEAVY WATER AND DEUTERO-METHANOL. The data on biosynthesis of deuterated amino asids using the L-phenylalanine producing strain of facultative methylotrophic bacterium B. methylicum are presented. Amino acids with varying levels of isotope enrichment as secreted into culture medium during fermentation and amino acids derived from protein hydrolyzates of B.

methylicum were obtained via bioconvertion of СН3ОН/CD3OD on media containing various concentrations of heavy water (including 24,5 v/v. D2O % up to 98 v/v. % D2O). For studying of levels of isotope enrichment the method of electrom impact mass-spectrometry of methyl esters of dansylamino acids was employd. The level of isotope enrichment of phenylalanine secreted into cultural medium as well as phenylalanine derived from protein hydrolizates was varried from 27,5% to 97,5 % (in dependence on biosynthesis conditions). It was shown, that during fermentation the amount of other amino acids such as alanine, valine, and leucine(isoleucine) can be produced and accumulated in culture medium in addition to the main product of biosynthesis (phenylalanine).