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it: during the last century the population of the globe increased closely of four billions and a half of persons while during the previous twenty centuries it had increased less than eight hundred millions! Reaching the term of this article let us ask the question which summarizes everything: would conflicts be called to disappear of the life of the humanity for the reason which the numbering of dates begins henceforth with 20 instead of 19? Evident answer calls a single comment: in traditional confrontations overlapped, simply a global dimension which returns international relations more complex without having modified the nature of the man. These far-reaching questions suggest that the problem of order in world affairs, which is the problem of peace rightly understood, cannot

be separated from issues of moral principle. There is an unbreakable bond between the work of peace and respect for truth. Honesty in the supply of information, equity in legal systems, openness in democratic procedures give citizens a sense of security, a readiness to settle controversies by peaceful means, and a desire for genuine and constructive dialogue, all of which constitute the true premises of a lasting peace. Five years ago, two academics -- Monty Marshall, research director at the Center for Global Policy at George Mason University, and Ted Robert Gurr, a professor of government at the University of Maryland -- spent months compiling all available data on the frequency and death toll of twentieth-century combat, expecting to find an ever-worsening ledger of blood and

destruction. Instead, they found, after the terrible years of World Wars I and II, a global increase in war from the 1960s through the mid-'80s. But this was followed by a steady, nearly uninterrupted decline beginning in 1991. They also found a steady global rise since the mid-'80s in factors that reduce armed conflict -- economic prosperity, free elections, stable central governments, better communication, more "peacemaking institutions," and increased international engagement. Also Francis Fukuyama researched this topic. He argues that if there is a end of history that means no war will be. You know what was the conclusion? Nothing! The world never will stop to wage a war or a need for peace. It will go on, like form the beginning of mankind. If there is no one of

the issues: war or peace, that means is there is a problem. And then we must think about our life. World will characterized with war and peace - like Moon and Sun! Col. Alain Faure - Dufourmantelle, WAR AND PEACE: A glance over the 21st century. Message of his holiness pope John Paul II, Pacem in Terris. January 01, 2003. 4