Is hand gun control good or bad for Ukraine?

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Is hand gun control bad or good for Ukraine? Do you find it strange that the countries with the highest amounts of gun control also have some of the highest crime rates, while countries with a high amount of guns and few control laws have low crime rates? You cannot legislate guns away from criminals. By their very nature, criminals will get guns if they want them. The idea that criminals need guns to commit crimes is absurd. Guns are "the great equalizer" because criminals aren't willing to fight fair. Gun control only empowers criminals and abets violent crimes including murder. Ukrainian people have tried to control firearms, cold steel, gun and other different kinds of weapon for many years. Ukraine is faced with a growing problem of violence. Streets have

become a battlefield where the people can be beaten for a couple grivnes, where women can be brutally attacked and raped. We cannot ignore the damage that these criminals are doing to our society, and strong actions must be taken to stop this from happening. I suppose that the government must look at the problem of reducing crime in Ukraine realistically, and develop laws that would be effective. I think, gun control laws are neither realistic, nor effective in reducing crime. Nevertheless, hand gun control is a good idea for our country. Though an increase in crime is not so high as in United States of America, for example. In conclusion, I want to write, that I believe, that our government will try to do their best to reduce the crime level and the quality of the weapon…