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and much of Asia. (The "MI-6" label developed during this period because it was then "section six" of "military intelligence.") When the United States entered World War II, the British agency helped train personnel of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services and has since cooperated with the successor Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The revelation in the mid-1950s that MI-6 had been penetrated by British double agents who had served the Soviet Union since the 1930s stirred wide public consternation. Details of MI-6 operations and relationships seldom appear in the British press. The agency has the power to censor such stories through the use of "D" notices under the Official Secrets Act. MI-6 reports to the Foreign Office. Another branch of

British intelligence system is MI-5. MI-5 MI-5 is the formally Security Service, intelligence agency charged with internal security and domestic counterintelligence activities of the United Kingdom. It is authorized to investigate any person or movement that might threaten the nation's security. MI-5's earliest antecedent was a secret service formed in 1569 by Sir Francis Walsingham, who later became secretary of state to Elizabeth I. The need for centralized control of intelligence functions was first expressed early in the 20th century. MI-5 was formed in 1909 to identify and counter German spies then working in Britain, which it did with great effect. It was placed under the command of Vernon Kell, then a captain in the British army. Kell retired as a major general in 1924 and

was later knighted, but remained in charge the agency until 1940. (The "MI-5" label developed during this period because it was then "section five" of "military intelligence.") The Security Service makes no direct arrests but rather works secretly behind the more publicized "Special Branch" of Scotland Yard. The director of the Security Service reports to the prime minister through the home secretary. Undoubtedly, the successful activity of different organizations depends on their leaders. For example, the boss of MI-5 during the most successful years of its work was an extraordinary person, a woman of a great spirit Dame Stella Rimington. Dame Stella Rimington