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which had been discovered by that time. Michael Faraday spent long weeks and months studying this strange force. At last he tried to move a magnet between coils of wires. He discovered that electricity passed from the magnet to the wires, and could become a strong electric current. This is the method which is used in every electric generator throughout the world. This was the beginning of all great machines that make our electricity today. 6. ROBERT BURNS Robert Burns is the national poet of Scotland. Burns’s poetry is loved and enjoyed by all his countrymen. Burns was born in Alloway, on the 25th of January, 1759. His father was a small farmer. He was a hard-working man and wanted to give his family the education he could. Thanks to his father Robert got a good knowledge of

English, he made a rapid progress in reading and writing, he read and tried to understand Shakespeere, Milton and other writers of the seventeenth-eighteenth centuries. Robert’s father also taught his children arithmetic and other subjects. And at the same time young Robert worked hard on his family farm. When he was 14 he composed his first poem “Handsome Nell”. In 1784 his father died and the family had to move to another farm. While working on this farm Burns composed some of his best known poems. Robert Burns was not successful as a farmer. He wanted to emigrate to Jamaica and to leave behind something by which his country would remember him. So he composed his most brilliant poems. He published his poems, they were a success. That’s why he made up his mind to go to

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. He travelled much across his native country which he so dearly loved. He admired the beautiful landscapes and lochs of the Highlands. He visited some historic places which made a great impression on him. All this influenced his literary work and resulted in many fine poems. But Robert Burns had the serious heart dies, from which he died on the 21st of July, 1796, at the age of 37. His poems he song and described joys, sorrows and life of the common people. People loved Burns for the generosity and kindness of his nature, for his patriotism and truthfulness. Великобритания 1. Географическое положение, население, климат. Официальное название Великобритании –

Соединенное Королевство Великобритании и Северной Ирландии (СК). Она занимает территорию Британских островов. Она состоит из примерно 5500 больших и маленьких островов. Два самых крупных острова – Великобритании и Италии. Великобритания состоит из четырех стран: Англии, Шотландии, Уэльса и Северной Италии. Их столицы – Лондон, Эдинбург, Кардифф и Белфаст. Общая площадь Соединенного Королевства около 244,100 квадратных километров.

Страна омывается Атлантическим океаном, Северным морем и Ирландским морем. Население Великобритании (СК) более 57 миллионов человек. Поскольку Соединенное Королевство – островное государство, климат здесь очень специфичен. Зимой не очень холодно, а летом никогда не бывает очень жарко. Зимой на озерах и реках не бывает льда. Во все времена года часто идет дождь. Кроме того, Британия знаменита своими туманами. Погода меняется так

часто, что англичане говорят, что в Великобритании нет климата, есть только погода. Природа Великобритании живописна. Там много рек и красивых озер. Одна из красивых частей страны называется Озерным Краем. Основные реки Великобритании – Северн и Темза. На Британских островах нет больших лесов. Что касается гор, они не очень высокие ,но очень красивые. Самый живописный район страны – Нагорье в Северной Шотландии. Это район гор,