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equal basis with other forms (feudal, slave) - as another unique type of curtain that covers the implementation of the principle of self-interest, benefits the people, especially prevalent in society, and located power. And everything else screen and placed in the service-to achieve the realization of this principle. And what's more - because democracy, unlike other forms reflects the interests, attitudes and principles are not the best people in society, and the ignorant, half-animal majority, the principle of self-interest, profits realized in a democracy, with particular fanaticism, impudence, impudent, animal and cynicism. Even at the dawn of democracy, when one of its fathers and founders - Karl Marx was a little boy, the great Hegel, to understand democracy, "said

Democracy in America as follows: "The general protection of property and the almost complete absence of taxes are the facts that are constantly praised. This expresses the main characteristic, is the desire of individuals to gain profit, the predominance of private interests, with a common endeavor here only for their own benefit. Of course, there is a legal procedure, formal laws, but the formal law without integrity, and thus on the American merchants are bad rumor that they were deceived, under cover of law. "And that is just not doing savagely in a democracy - under cover of law and a constant imperfection of legislation... Is it not so? Is that something has changed in fact in America or even in the West since the great Hegel? "They believe that satisfy the

feelings - the first necessity of human civilization. Thus, until the end of life of their anxiety immeasurable. Entangled in a network of hundreds of thousands of desires and absorbed in lust and anger, they get the money in the name of the wicked ways of meeting the senses "- speak of semi-animal in the most ancient sacred book of India (B-i.i. 16, v. 11-12.). "The man who had forgotten about the interests of society, and the head of state, who had forgotten about the interests of citizens - not the Romans, and barbarians" - said more than two thousand years ago the best of the Romans, Cicero, Mark Thulium. Now these people, we call barbarians Lochy, stupefied gourmand cattle. Unfortunately today, almost all of it, zombie democratic propaganda, our youth can be

attributed to this category - they are pretending to come from the Carnegie and understand Freud - stubbornly followed by the most brutal instincts and aspirations. "Modern democracy - it is only violence by the majority, who manages to create a mass opinion. Millions of ignorant, uniting, reinforce ignorance and all its consequences... "- there has been a prominent thinker of our time, a psychoanalyst and philosopher - Antonio Meneghetti. Here are the basic principles of democratic ideology modern people: - More money, the more happiness. - More pleasure from the show - both on the visual masturbation, as well as food and sex - the more happiness. - More Ponte, as artificial, false, hypocritical manners - the more confident in life and more meaning in it. Accordingly,

all half-animals can be easily classified, for example - are unemployed, who dreams of wealth - "a poor hick loser", a successful capitalist, who thinks only of himself - "a successful fat hick" etc. All this classification suckers reader may well continue, and we will go further. The founder of positive philosophy of August Comte believed that under the rule of the majority of the people of the arbitrariness of the crowd suppresses the best people, and half-animals dominate principles. He was absolutely right. Rousseau assiduously promoted equality and the right of the majority, and the French Revolution attempted to implement its democracy. Then France, drowning in blood, was nearly lost its independence, and only when I went to the dictatorship of Napoleon

- has entered a period of prosperity. Germany was divided into dozens of democratically equitable land and was the most backward country in Europe, and only after the arrival of Bismarck, who despised the democratic constitution, Germany has become the path of development and has become the most powerful and prosperous state. The Greeks were smart enough to obey their great philosophers, did not have enough money to make its democracy, to change their principles, and unite in the face of danger - to "unite" the Persian King Philip, the Greeks were in slavery, and left the leading role on the historical stage. In this land of the Persians defeated the Romans, who with the advent of Christianity the democratic processes are progressing. And when the plebeians almost equal