Formation of the labor market in Ukraine

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CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SECTION I Concept and features of the labor market CHAPTER II Features of the labor market in Ukraine CHAPTER III ratio of employed and unemployed CONCLUSION LIST OF LITERATURE INTRODUCTION The labor market is an integral part of the overall economic and market mechanism. It is characterized as one of the most difficult social and economic phenomena of society, which reflected all sides of his life, it shows the whole diversity of interests and contradictions. Therefore the process of its functioning is constantly in terms of state, as the reproduction of such goods, as labor - the reproduction of labor resources and in general productive forces of society. Social policy in employment is also one of state functions. However, the crisis of the Ukrainian

society demonstrated inability of the State to exercise effective social control. Accordingly, the labor market situation is poor, and especially - in employment. It looks like a complex multidimensional, heterogeneous, dynamic and prone to influence from outside the subsystem market. Employment in the general population and especially young people, has not only economic but also social meaning as a form of adaptation of different social groups to the market. The social role of employment seen in the fact that in the past aimed at institutions, traditions, stereotypes of behavior can both assist and resist market transformation. Go to market is very painful, accompanied by a crisis of industries in all other areas, failure to pay taxes, lower living standards of most social

groups. Also the problem of youth unemployment, which threatens great danger to fundamental changes and transformations in the way of democratization. Thus, massive unemployment represents a real threat to civil society that can not survive if unemployment will stay high. The main objective of this work is to study the main stages and features of the labor market in Ukraine. The aim: to highlight the problem of the labor market in Ukraine. The task: to convince of the need to change the situation. The object of research: the labor market in Ukraine. Subject of investigation: employed and unemployed population. SECTION I. Concept and features of labor market Labor market - is primarily a system of social relations associated with buying and selling goods "labor." In

addition, the labor market is the sphere of employment, demand and supply for labor. It can be interpreted as a mechanism for coordinating prices and conditions between employers and employees. The peculiarity of the labor market is that it covers not only the sphere of circulation of goods "labor" but also in manufacturing, where the employee works. The relations here have raised important social and economic problems and therefore need special attention from the state. In a market economy, labor market covers all willing to work: as employees and not employees hired labor. Among the unemployed are distinguished group of able-bodied people: • people who do not work, but want to work and seeking work (unemployed, who have the appropriate status, individuals who have

first started to work for, people who are looking after the occupation of interruptions); • people who have jobs though, but not happy with it and looking for second primary or additional work; • people who are busy, but clearly risks to lose jobs and so are looking for second job. Specified categories of people and determine the supply of labor in the labor market. Thus, the labor market - a market of hired labor. It covers relationships from the moment of hiring employees to work for their release. For the origin, formation and functioning of the labor market required certain conditions. First of all, should be provided with legal conditions for operating this market, including the possibility of free movement on it citizens a free choice of work, freedom is a legal worker,