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the most untolerable man, a shame for humanity. Notes.   ·         Hans Holbein (1497-1543)* - the German painter. Known as Hans Holbein Jr. ·         the Battle of Spurs** was held on the 16th of August, 1513 a.d. During it the French cavalry fled because of the advancing armies of Henry VIII and Maximilian I. ·         Thomas Wolsey (1473-1530)***, Chancellor of England since 1515 till 1529. Since 1514 - the Archbishop of York, since 1515 - the Cardinal. In 1529 he was arrested for treason. ·         Wittemberg**** - the Saxon city where in 1517 Luther read his 95 thesises against the Catholic Church.

·         the Reformation***** - the movement against the Ca-tholic Church in Western and Central Europe. It's crea-tor was Luther. ·         Martin Luther (1483-1546)****** - the leader of the Re-formation. He also translated the Bible into German. ·         John Wickliffe (1330-1384)******* - the English refor-mator. He said that the Pope was not necessary and wan-ted the Church to abandon its lands. ·         Thomas More (1487 - 1535)******** - the great lawer and political leader, was against the Reformation. Being a writer, he created "Utopia". Anne Boleyn, the second wife of the King, knowing that More

had helped the King to dismiss Catherine of Aragon, caused Henry to execute this clever and honest Chancellor of England. ·         Act of Six Articles*********. Was written in 1539. It abolished the monasteries and showed that England was interested in religion and that damage inflicted to the Church was a crime. So, many Protestants were executed. List of the Used Literature.   1. J. J. Bell. The History of England. 2. L. V. Sidorchenko. Absolute Monarchy. 3. I. I. Burova. Just for Pleasure. Intermediate Level. 4. D. Capewell. The History of English Monarchy.