"Ekran"-technology for collective of experts

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"Ekran"-technology for collective of experts V.A. Filimonov , Institute of Information Technologies and AppliedMathematics of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy ofScience I. Prototyping and methodology In this text we describe the complex process of creating intellectual environment (named "Ekran") for supporting of cooperative work of a group of experts. We consider that the fields of the competence of the experts differ essentially one from the other. Besides, we suggest that the group investigates some problems, relates to humanitarian knowledge: investment projects, policy organizations and so on. There are analogical projects, f. e. Intensely Supportive Learning Environment [13] and Inspiration [8]. We suppose, that at the first stage of any project

have to be created special "rapid prototype" - the simplest version of the system with the most complex element of it [10]. Then, although users can get useful information, it doesn't increase quality of their control of the object. So the problems were: to get the adequate resulting document (in order to mark the intermediate result of collective work) and to create the adequate system for transformation knowledge to action. At this stage methodology became the critical point of the project. We follow, in general, the methodological school of G.P.Scshedrovitsky [12]. We suppose, that realization even few of a great number of the results may be very useful. Many problems can be solved with the system analisys, but at first it needs to have an adequate system

representation of the object and of the goals. The appropriate answer to this questions, especially in the case of social systems, may be found with methodological tools only. One of the main achievements of this methodology was the conception of the methodological scheme. Presense the position of actor (subject of action) and the appropriated method of utilization of just this scheme differs it from any other schemes. We use such schemes as "investigation" (see fig.1), "activity", "reflection" and many others. The next great achievement of this school was invention and realization such sociocultural phenomenon as Methodological Game. The Game may be described (very approximately) as collective intellectual work with systematical using of methodology

and psychotechniques to control of the discussions. The main result of this process is the understanding of the importance of creating the adequate infrastructure, provides the actualization of knowledge (the ways to transform social knowledge to adequate social action). So "Ekran"-technology was created as the polyscreen environment, where the activity of the collective of experts has been organized by the special team (fig. 2): methodologist, game specialist and master of the polyscreen. II. Computer Patterns Patterns are very important part of the "Ekran"-technology. It shows how some tool may be used. Now we describe patterns, which demonstrates some possibilities of computer representation of knowledge. The software base are the "Master"

integrated system (like FrameWork-III) for representation of texts, spreadsheets, graphics, data base and some sort of prolog language - K-system (logical reasoning) for IBM PC. There is a possibility to make voice output of a text with FONEMAFON software and hardware. The ordinary screen of IBM PC serves us as a propotype of a really large polyscreen. The information base consists of descriptions of different types of knowledge (logical schemes, sets of statistical data, precedents) in different forms (hypertexts, texts as an artistic work, pyctography, calculations models, cognitive graphics). Computer simulation carry out in a widespread form of difference equations [7], and allows to create diagrams and two-dimentional graphics. There were some methodological schemes for such