Экономическое развитие США в начале ХХ века и Великая Депрессия

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Secondary School № 8 The Ministry of Defence Of the Russian Federation The Economic Development of the USA in the First Half of the XX Century and the Great Depression. Research paper by Tsarev Dmitri Grade 10”A” Scientific adviser (teacher) Nadezhda Prokosheva Sevastopol 2006   The outline Introduction. p.2 Chapter I: The rise of industry. p.3 1.    The rapid expansion of the railroads 2.    The growth of big business and government’s control over it 3.    People’s struggle for a better life Chapter II: The wave of the immigration and its influence on the social and economic life in the country. p.6 1.    The growth of the cities 2.    The great inventions and a new way of life in

cities 3.    Trade unions and the era of fight for rights Chapter III: World war I and its consequences for the USA. p.10 1.    Labor unrest 2.    Racial unrest (ku-klux Klan, anti – immigration laws) 3.    The new era (jazz age) Chapter IV. The Great Depression and The New Deal.: p.13 1.    The beginning of the Great Depression and its reasons 2.    F. D. Roosevelt and his New Deal 3.    Government’s efforts to reduce the immigration 4.    The opposition to the New Deal 5.    The role of the New Deal in coping the depression Conclusion. p.17 Introduction The modern USA represents an interesting object of researches for economists of the whole

world. The country that has managed for a rather short period of time to become the world’s economic leader should cause interest. Besides, nowadays America shows significant success in carrying out social programs: in supporting the poorest layers of the population, in solving the problems of unemployment, racial discrimination, criminality, etc. Certainly, a number of problems still remains, but the general dynamics of development are evident. The 1920s were called the New Era in American life. This decade was the time of unprecedented social, economic and political change. It was the time when America was becoming a modern nation. It was a period of almost uninterrupted prosperity and economic expansion. In 1928 Herbert Hoover, President of the country, proclaimed,” We in

America are nearer to the final triumph over poverty that ever before in the history of any land. The poorhouse is vanishing from among us”. Only fifteen months later, the nation plunged into the severest and most prolonged economic depression in its history-a depression that continued in one form or another for a full decade. The Depression was a traumatic experience for individual Americans, who faced unemployment, the loss of land and other property, and in some cases homelessness and starvation. But the country had been able to survive and recover. There are a lot of problems in the national economy of Russia and Ukraine nowadays: the industrial production is decreasing, the prices are constantly rising, and the rate of inflation is very high. People are losing their jobs

because many factories and plants are being closed. This process reminds the period of the Great Depression in the USA. I got interested in this theme for my research because I would like to understand the processes taking place in my country better. So, the main aim of this research paper is to understand how America being influenced so much by the Depression in the first half of the century was able to become a super power again in the second half of the XX century. Also I want to understand why this depression began in the beginning of the XX century despite positive social and economic development in the country at that period of time. In my research I would like to find out:     how the life of America changed after the Civil War of 1861-1865;