Economic sanctions

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UNIVERSITY of WORLD(GLOBAL) ECONOMY And ÄÈÏËÎÌÀÒÈÈ FACULTY of the international LAW And COMPARATIVE LEGISLATION RESEARCH WORK ON THE SUBJECT OF: ECONOMIC SANCTIONS In МП Work has executed: the student of group 1-3а-94. Хасанов Д The scientific chief: Ñàèäîâ Ð.Ò êàí. Þðèä. Sciences. The adviser for foreign language: Cафарова Ê.À. Ташкент-98 The plan: Introduction 3-5 Глава-I. The международно-legal responsibility 1.1. General(common) concept of the международно-legal responsibility 6-14 1.2. Basis of the международно-legal responsibility 15-21 1.3. Classification of international Offences 22-39 Глава-II. Economic sanctions as a measure of the responsibility for offences 2.1.

Export embargo 40-49 2.2. Embargo on import 50-63 2.3. Additional kind of economic The sanctions 64-69 The conclusion 70-72 The bibliography 73-75 Introduction A question on the sanctions, which should be applied to агрессору, until recently did not involve(attract) to itself of attention of wide sections and served a subject of study only of small group of the lawyers, experts on application of the sanctions a UN, and separate political figures. The question this seem especially academic, that is torn off from life. But since the end of a 1935 in connection with итало-абиссинским by the conflict, and then by beginning of the second world(global) war and present regional conflicts this question has become most urgent. This problem appears and in

внешнеполитической of activity of a Republic of Uzbekistan. The president of a Republic of Uzbekistan И.А. Каримов in the performance(statement) as one of methods of the sanction of the regional conflicts offered messages of embargo on importation of arms and raw material for management of military actions in territory struggling государств1. The question on the sanctions acquires a urgency in connection with all international conditions involved in new wars for ïåðåäåë of the world. In these conditions the consolidation of forces of countries interested in preservation of the world, is the important problem. It can be made by strenghtening system of collective safety, which part are the sanctions. As the sanctions hinder a

rule(situation) àãðåññîðà, a Republic of Uzbekistan, being guided by the policy(politics) of the world, has supported system of the sanctions used by the United Nations Organization. Some lawyers by a name of the sanctions designate usually measures directed to maintenance of observance of the law. The sanctions, as a rule, take the form of punishment for defiance of the law. A problem of the sanctions, partly ïðåâåíòèâíàÿ, as the threat of application of the sanctions in the certain cases should keep the infringer of the law, or àãðåññîðà, from his(its) agressive actions, and partly positive, as the sanctions already after defiance of the law, or the aggressions, are false to help to restore the infringed balance. In the field of the

международно-legal attitudes(relations) the question on the sanctions acquires a urgency there, where the speech goes about struggle for preservation of the world. From different promptings come to a problem of the sanctions of the states which have organized a UN, and Republic of Uzbekistan have in sphere of the international attitudes(relations) by the main problem and the purpose struggle for preservation of the world. In the present research work I put to myself by a problem to analyse system of the sanctions stipulated by the Charter a UN, and to understand its(her) economic efficiency as on the basis of the general(common) analysis of conditions of world(global) facilities(economy), and on the basis of study of experience of application of the sanctions to some