Economic integration in Central Asia

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Economic integration in Central Asia    Republic of Tajikistan Introduction         This paper traces the remarkable economic integration that has occurred in Central Asia in the transformation period and explains the role played by the region’s distinctive political practices and economic structures. The paper emphasizes both the regional and wider geo-political contexts within which these developments occurred. Finally, the paper examines how deepening economic integration is encouraging greater political cooperation across the whole of Central Asia.            Process of integration includes key components •        Trade component- By

trade component we mean in fact trade regime or in practice elimination of trade barriers. •        Regulatory component- This component has two dimensions – shallow and deep. By shallow dimension we mean that partners are solving issues related to trade, while deep integration means in fact that cooperation on regulatory issues goes beyond pure trade issues. •        Political component- At the moment this component is one of the most important one. In fact this aspect refers to the problem of striking delicate balance between liberalization at the national level and reaching certain level of supranational in terms of managing different integration schemes Central Asia

•        Kazakhstan •        Kyrgyztan •        Tajikistan •        Turkmenistan •        Uzbekistan