Economic bases of innovative activity in public health services

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Table of contents Introduction 1. Theoretical bases of the economic and legal substantiation of realization of innovative activity 1.1 Economic bases of innovative activity 1.2 Legal bases of innovative activity 1.3 Working out and the analysis of the innovative project 2. The technique of the estimation of efficiency of the innovative project 2.1 Existing technique of an estimation of the investment project 2.2 Offered model of an estimation of efficiency of the innovative project 2.3 Comparison of standard and offered models of an estimation of efficiency of the innovative project 3. The estimation of efficiency of the innovative project in public health services 3.1 Estimation of efficiency of the innovative project by a standard technique 3.2 Estimation of efficiency of

the innovative project by an offered technique 3.3 Comparison of estimations of efficiency of the innovative project on standard and offered models 4. Management of the personnel of the scientific organizations 4.1 Personnel of the scientific organisations 4.2 Motivation of the personnel in the scientific organisations 4.3 Problem of a choice of the optimum schedule (mode) of work in the scientific organisations 5. Bases of safety of ability to live 5.1 Legal bases of a labour safety 5.2 Planning of actions for a labour safety The conclusion The literature list Introduction In modern conditions successful activity of medical institutions is in many respects defined by activity of economic service since the changes which have occurred in all spheres of our society, could not lay

aside public health services. In the conditions of transition to the market without strengthening of an economic orientation of activity of the head it is difficult to count on stable work of establishment. So, is precipitate to sign contracts, to enter new medical services and to make other important decisions without corresponding economic examination. In this connection for medical institutions there is actual a question of the analysis and economic activities planning. Many of methods of economic (especially financial) analysis are not new in itself, but those are only in relation to public health services. Application (adaptation) of these methods to features of concrete area? A problem difficult enough, demanding the big work and qualification [12]. In the present degree

work the innovative project of manufacture of iatrotechnics on the basis of treatment-and-prophylactic establishment will be considered. Offered in the given degree work to consideration the innovative project is developed for a substantiation of manufacture and realisation of the new medical device? The biotest?, intended for diagnostics and treatment of many of disease on a method to the developed R.Follem. This direction in medical branch has started to develop only in the last some years, and its further expansion is planned. Development of this direction has the big prospects in view of that R.Follja's method allows to treat many diseases, including congenital, and medical institutions engaged in diagnostics and treatment on R.Follja's method which will be the basic buyers

of the device? The biotest?, can organise the activity in such a manner that technology use would make notable profit. Medical institutions, private clinics and simply separate doctors constantly expand a field of the activity, all new and new services render, and aspire to receive from them benefit. Device "Biotest" allows to organise the whole medical office on research and treatment, helps with many branches of medicine. For example R.Follja's method is applied in stomatology to diagnostics of compatibility of the material, seals offered the patient and crowns, with its organism. The purpose of degree work is the substantiation of expediency of introduction of the innovative project on manufacture of the new device? The biotest?. For achievement of this purpose in