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protected by a large armed formation is found out and destroyed. It had several runways, has been equipped by modern system of the notification and differed high level of the organisation of production. Annual maximum productivity of this laboratory could make approximately 350 т cocaine. Mobility of manufacturers of drugs increases. The facts of manufacture of drugs in the mobile laboratories which are settling down in vans and by trucks are elicited. Similar laboratories seldom enough come into the view of law enforcement bodies and, continuously making drugs in a way, to destination deliver already ready product. Capacity of one of such laboratories revealed in territory of Colombia, made 70 kg of cocaine a day. Manufacture process синтетиков has no rigid binding to

raw materials sources, places of their transportation and sale. Thereof turn decentralisation synthetic is observed. Besides, the number of intermediate links in a chain «the manufacturer – the consumer» is considerably reduced that reduces a risk level and costs. Synthetic drugs are much more difficult for finding out at all stages of their illegal circulation including stages of creation, transportation and trade. Last years there are new kinds of synthetic drugs. In their manufacture last scientific achievements are used. Considerable financial resources are invested in financing of independent researches for the purpose of search of new drugs and more perfect technologies of their manufacturing. Handicraft and unproductive manufactories are superseded by hi-tech compact

laboratories and the large industrial drug enterprises which are served by the qualified experts. The international scale of a drug trafficking and involving of the increasing quantity of the states in a world network of routes of their illegal transportation have actually destroyed division of the countries of the world existing by decades on "consuming" (the developed capitalist countries) and "making", mainly developing countries. In the nineties the twentieth century drug business has had development even in those countries where earlier the drug trafficking and abusing were not marked earlier by them at all. Experts of the United Nations connect the reasons of development of the transnational criminal organisations including what primary activity is drugs

business, with the advent of corresponding possibilities at global level that is caused by long-term tendencies of development in world politics and economy. As a result of increase in interdependence of the states, simplification of the international trips and communications, increases of degree of a transparency of national borders and formation of global financial networks have appeared the world markets of sale both lawful, and illegal production. It is possible to consider development and scope of activity of the organised drugs criminality substantially as reflexion of the possibilities which have appeared as a result of reorganisation of the international relations, and the changes which have occurred in the states. Thus, transnational drugs business can be both the

reason, and a consequence of the important changes in the global policy and economy. It is possible to carry the following to number of principal causes and factors of development of drugs business6: - Weakness of the governments, inability of the state to carry out an effective control over territory being under their jurisdiction (for example, in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru). - Carrying out by the state of a policy of connivance in relation to drugs business or politicians of "silent reconciliation» in connection with the income brought by it to a society, or from fear of counter-measures from outside criminals. For example, in Pakistan to the power almost did not interfere with opium manufacture, its transportation, actually indulging drugs businessmen. - The powerful factor

of development of drugs business is political and economic instability. It is connected with use of considerable financial resources from manufacture and sale of drugs for achievement of political ends. Acknowledgement to it are cases when the finance received from contraband of drugs, goes on purchase of the weapon for развязывания and maintenance of international conflicts. Interrelations of the organised crime with terrorist and extremist groupings thus extend. - Easing and dysfunctions of social institutes, excessively high rates of social and economic and political transformations in connection with transition of the post socialist countries to market system of managing. Absence or imperfection of the legislation or the control of its execution in a combination