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cannot organise effective internal regulation and external safety, to the states incapable or doing not wish to provide protection to all levels of population. Besides, now the globe is shaken with 250 political conflicts of various intensity, nearby 30 from them have interstate character. Weakness of the states gives favorable possibilities for the organised criminal groups. The criminality, corruption of the state institutes, and, as consequence, laws grows cease to play a role. After only the organised crime starts to feel the force and to be convinced of it, about the lawful and effectively functioning state cannot be and speeches. The similar criminalised state formations are least interested in observance of human rights. If to the state there was something similar,

restoration of normal conditions – the long, difficult and expensive process directed not only on construction of the state institutes, but also on elimination of contradictions among the country population, mutual distrust eradication. All aforesaid causes involving of the population of the states of "the third world» in process of illegal manufacture of drugs. From this point of view, cultivation an opium poppy for the peasant in Afghanistan – search of ways of a survival in severe world around in the conditions of the long internal state conflict, stable conditions and daily threat for a life. In other cases manufacturers of drugs pay original "tax" from the profit, going on needs of insurgent groups, such as Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia. In both

cases manufacture of drugs is the tool for achievement of wider purposes. The cook or opium poppy plays here only a role of the goods which can be sold well. Undoubtedly, the decision of a problem of illegal manufacture of drugs should be accompanied by a number of other measures directed to the aid of the states of "the third world» in overcoming of difficult internal conditions. The international community measures to poverty prevention, to population safety, and if circumstances develop favorably, to construction in these countries of normally functioning state institutes should be taken. And in a context of a problem of the states of "the third world» it is necessary to consider threat which especially sharply faces recently to mankind – interaction between

drugs businessmen and terrorists. Both the terrorism and a drug trafficking threaten a life of millions people, stability of the state institutes, national safety. So, the co-ordinator of US State department on struggle against terrorism Michael Shihan has declared at subcommittee session on criminality of Legal committee of the House of Representatives: «Drug dealers and manufacturers of drugs, as well as the international criminals... Search for such corners on globe where they could operate with impunity without the control from outside the authorities. It is no wonder that often takes place a bow between those who is engaged in terrorism, and those who participates in other international forbidden kinds of activity»19. In connection with the tendency of steady reduction of

financial "injections" from outside the traditional states-sponsors of terrorism terrorists even more often resort to other sources of financing, such as manufacture and sale of drugs. And last decade was marked by the further consolidation and development of mutually advantageous cooperation between terrorist groups and suppliers of drugs, and also more and more wide participation of terrorist groups in transportations of drugs with a view of financing of the operations. Both terrorists and drugs businessmen bring "mite" in these mutual relations. The terrorists possessing experience of semi military operations, supply drugs businessmen with the weapon; suppliers of drugs are used as "the milk cows", providing to terrorists access to the financial

sources essentially surpassing their usual channels of reception of money. Drugs businessmen also possess experience of illegal sending and money-laundering. Thus, drugs business and terrorism in escalating degree operate in common. Almost all largest groups of insurgents-terrorists rely on delivery of drugs carried out in this or that form as on a method of reception of necessary means. In addition to it, drug traffic is connected with illegal delivery of the weapon and other forms of contraband. The list of the organisations such, undoubtedly, is headed by Revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (РВСК) and the National liberation army (НОА), become, apparently, the sample for imitation, and other terrorist groups including groups of Islamite having religious motivation,