Drug trafficking - a global challenge of the XXI century

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Наркобизнес - глобальная проблема XXI в. Content Introduction 3 Drugs situation in the world; scales, major factors and tendencies of development of drugs business. 4 The drugs business characteristic: criminal groups, kinds of drugs, stages of manufacture and distribution, sale territory. 17 The characteristic of the markets of principal views of drugs 20 Interrelation of drugs business with other global problems of mankind. 26 Conclusion 30 Bibliography 32 Introduction The mankind has stepped in the XXI-st century, continuing to search for effective ways of the decision of one of the major global world problems - a drug trafficking. This problem costs practically before all states. Here there are no territorial, national, religious, class,

sexual or other borders. The narcoindustry with a turn corresponding approximately of 8 % of world trade is steadily improved, raising technical, financial potential, adapting advanced achievements of scientific and technical progress for the requirements. Therefore it is no wonder that transnational narcosyndicates use in the criminal activity the advanced means of arms and an ammunition, systems of electronic equipment, the newest methods of maintenance of own safety. World narcobusiness, being the most profitable (for example, in the Netherlands the cost price of one tablet " ecstasy" makes 7-9 cents, and its retail price already $ 8-15) has also the most powerful and branched out mafia structure. Narcobusiness is initially doomed to internationalism, globalisation.

Bought primary raw materials in Third World countries, the drug mafia should organise not only its processing in an end-product, but also goods delivery to the consumers which most part lives in the developed countries. Has passed time when the narcoproblem mentioned the only separately taken countries. The narcotism wide circulation causes concern not only in those governments or other states and the international organisations. The United Nations Organization, in particular, functioning in its structure Management on struggle against drugs and criminality preventive maintenance (based in Vienna), International Crime society, the International association of criminal law, the Interpol is engaged in drug trafficking studying, etc. Drugs situation in the world; scales, major

factors and tendencies of development of drugs business The world has stepped in the XXI-st century. The rough processes of the globalisation which has captured various areas of human ability to live, as a whole have positive character and give to mankind unprecedented possibilities. But, unfortunately, occurring changes have also a shady side, allowing such troubles of the modern world as the organised crime, the international terrorism, drug business to get transnational character, to turn in «problems without passports». Spread of drug addiction worldwide has set of aspects: political, economic, social, legal, medical, moral. Drugs – social illness of a modern society, and its exact diagnosis, understanding of all complexity of the given phenomenon and difficulties of

struggle with it is necessary for treatment of this illness. Leitmotif of performances of many heads of the states and the governments at special session of General Assembly of the United Nations in the June, 2008, the devoted struggle against spread of drug addiction, the deep alarm sounded because spread of drug addiction on globe occurs accruing rates and turns to global threat, comparable from the ecological. In especially difficult situation there are many countries with transitive economy1. Drug business transnationalization, its offensive strategy on a threshold of second millennium are in many respects connected by that to the traditional reasons generating it malicious (poverty, the political hopelessness, social disorder, alienation of millions people), were in the