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level abstraction that expands the possibilities of the decision of challenges. Besides, it allows to connect the general thread various school subjects (which quantity as avalanche increases in process of a growing of the child), providing with that integrity in the maintenance of training and development in schoolchildren complete, system outlook. Thus it is important that subjects do not disappear, do not lose the independence and specificity. They bring special "contribution" to opening and the proof of interdisciplinary idea, on the one hand, and are substantially enriched and as much as possible "adapt" to level of informative requirements and possibilities of children which study them with another. The aspiration independently and creatively to seize

knowledge, to carry out the tasks demanding display of criticality of mind, imagination, dream, - here are the main conditions for great interest for school subjects. The system of development of children in the conditions of the school training, developed on the basis of the offered model of creative training is the significant positive factor of cognitive and personal development of pupils at all stages of school training. It provides achievement of good results of development of intellectual and creative abilities at the majority of schoolchildren, promotes formation of a research position of the person, its creative self-realisation in various spheres of activity in an adult life. In the greatest measure it meets requirements and possibilities of children, different

informative requirements, high requirement for intellectual loading and judgement of the world, persistence in purpose achievement, high intellectual and creative abilities. At the same time, it makes positive impact on intellectual and personal development of a considerable part of children with indicators of intellectual and creative abilities slightly exceeding an average level, but with high motivation to the doctrine. Chapter II conclusion In researches of sociologists the most "required" abilities in the modern world is ability for creative development and self-development, ability to make a creative decision in the course of a dialogue. Therefore it is necessary to give special attention to development not only intellectual, but also creative abilities of

trainees. creative game english independence student Practice has shown that positive transformations of a society cannot be reached within the limits of traditional model of training. For realisation of the purposes of the formation which have been put forward at the given stage, change of fundamental bases of training, working out of effective teaching methods are necessary. It is especially actual, when many educational institutions prefer traditional methods of training, disregarding the way out which has outlined today on humanistic relations, personal dialogue and interaction of participants of complete pedagogical process. Creation of psychohology-pedagogical conditions for development of research activity of the child, represents the central problem at all age stages of

its training at school. The major such condition is the enriched, developing environment meeting special informative requirements and possibilities of exceptional children and teenagers, the peculiarities of their personality. The recognition of value of creativity of the child concerns a number of the major external conditions of the development of the activity of the pupil. All these factors are very important for grown-ups. Development of a research position of the person of the child occurs in the conditions of co-operating influences of features of system of school training, the person of the teacher, and also family education. Significant positive factors of development of a research position are: 1) System of development of independence of children and its realisation in

technology of creative teaching; 2) The person of the teacher capable to self-development, creativity recognising value and highly appreciating value of the pupils’ research position. 3) The Features of family education connected with representation of parents about the purposes, the maintenance and ways of training of children, realisation of creative model of training by them. Absence of support or ignoring of creative displays of the child from outside parents aversion them of creative model of training can "move" all positive influences of specially organised training. Conclusion Teaching a foreign language promotes development of children. However in order to carry out more effective development of pupils during training to any subject, it is necessary to include