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science. Most active educational game is used on fulfilment in foreign languages that speaking features of the given subject overall an objective – teaching language as a dialogue means. Game helps to provide a mutual dialogue of all participants and motivates participants’ active speech. It is necessary for formation of creative independent initiative thinking: 1) to create the external and internal conditions providing a high emotional inclusiveness (by principles of good, fascinating games) through: - Children’s creation and understanding a freedom in choosing the ways and means of achievement of the purpose at lessons; - Understanding of possibility of "loss" at wasteful actions and the overestimated claims; - Comprehension of dependence of "prizes"

from own knowledge, skills, from ability of risking, which is well-grouned; 2) the teacher shouldn’t be in a position of «the senior companion» or the partner equal in rights, and the commentator and the leader of game-lesson, the adviser; 3) to give pupils independence in their actions, to create conditions at which they should not count on the help of the teacher. Such lessons combine with lessons-consultations. Children, besides, have the additional information materials facilitating fulfilment of a problem; 4) in every possible way to encourage originality, a non-standard, efficiency of thinking. Conclusion on chapter I In this light, we will underline that fact that formation of creative activity – the activization of suprime aim, but it is impossible to ignore its

lower steps. Drawing up and a presentation of the tasks intensifying learning-informative and (wtat is more important) creative process at a foreign language lessons represent a content matter. Its other side is the organisation of the made active study. Value of this method is great enough, but increasing efficiency is necessary to combine it with other forms. Tasks for face-to-face work can be directed on activization: 1) memory process; 2) process of logic thinking on the basis of available skills and knowledge; 3) creative activity and search of new knowledge. Specificity of a foreign language consists on the one hand on, mastering by speech activity. Speaking another language represents rather labour-consuming intellectual process demanding mobilisation of their attention

from pupils, memory, purposefulness, will, and with another – process of mastering a foreign language stimulates the further knowledge of the world and cultural wealth of the people of other countries, their psychology, a way of life. Any subject of a school course does not demand such constant, regular work of pupils as a foreign language, which mastering demands abilities, not much knowledge. The fewer meetings of schoolchildren with the teacher in a class, at the lessons the more especially necessety of significancy for formation of learning-informative motivation. There is a purposeful independent work of pupils during free time at school and at home. Chapter II. Practical application of methods and ways of development of independent creative activity of pupils at lessons

at an average comprehensive school 2.1 Development of skills of independent creative activity in the course of teaching a foreign language Work of the teacher is always a very difficult process. And presently, when prestige of a trade falls everything complicates greatly. In the sphere of art the circle of the problems facing the teacher, is especially wide, from here there is special complexity of our trade. All our activity assumes the creative approach to work. Maybe, it is the basic of difficulty.You cannot learn to be a creative person, but it is possible to learn, to work creatively. For this purpose we also aspire to form in pupils character, will, persistence in mastering of knowledge, love to work. All these qualities help to bring up a professionally competent teacher.

To teach the pupil to approach creatively to employment, the teacher should aspire, not present all in an open kind, and always to give "food" for reflexion in homework. Pupils should be able to listen and hear, observe and do the pupil selection. In the conditions of globalisation and information of a modern society new demands are made to XXI-st century formation. According to researches of sociologists the most "required" abilities in the modern world is ability to creative development and self-development, ability to acceptance of the creative decision in the course of a dialogue. Therefore it is necessary to give special attention to development not only intellectual, but also creative abilities of trainees. According to our research the creative